Family has 9 children under the age of [8], swears they didn't use fertility drugs[



The parents had a 7yo girl, and 3yo boy, and 1yo twins when they found out they were expecting quintuplets!

Mother says (from the article): ‘I wanted a large family,’ Evonne said. ‘No one expects that overnight but I wanted a large family… So this is just a blessing from God. It really is. It’s a dream come true.’

Congratulations :smiley:


Congratulations indeed!

Without even “trying” it’s pretty easy to have 8 children in 8 years as long as everyone is healthy without multiple births.


She looks amazing - she really takes good care of herself. :slight_smile:

What a great story, and a dream come true, at that. :thumbsup:


Wow, quintuplets!

God bless this young family for taking on such a responsibility in such a short period of time. :slight_smile:


Comments section is full of nasty, bitter pro-aborts who think that large families are a blight upon society. Products of the Baby Boom generation who proceeded to decimate the following generations through contraception, abortion and homosexuality, and destroyed the viability of public programs such as Social Security by retiring without replacing themselves in the workforce.


At my age (71 yrs. and 11 months) I couldn’t conceive of handling quintuplets, much less a couple of toddlers as well! However, if a couple wants a large family, are healthy, and happy, I think it’s wonderful! I grew up as an only child, raised through early childhood by my grandparents, and had never had siblings. Wish I’d had a larger family! Would have been lovely to have an older brother and a sister close to me in age! Congratulations to the happy couple!:smiley:


It’s wonderful to see a family welcome babies with JOY!!! I hope you have lots of help especially before and a long time after the quints are born. God Bless, and your assured of my prayers. Memaw


Easy for you, maybe;)


So you want everyone to have a large family for Social Security purposes? :rolleyes: Any social program that relies on population demographics to succeed is inherently flawed. Have as many children as you want - or as few as you want - it’s of no concern to me.


Social Security insolvency is merely the tip of the iceberg. A population that doesn’t meet the minimum replacement fertility rate is destined for oblivion, to be overrun by immigrants or minorities who do place value on large families.


Or to simply dry up and blow away. You see it all the time in small towns in the US, what was once a thriving community doesn’t even exist any more. The town 4 miles from where I grew up had a population of 200 in 1900. It had a mill, gas station, post office, grocery stores, two banks, k-12 school, lumber yard ect… In 2000 the population had declined to 12 people. The few remaining streets were nolonger paved and most of the buildings were torn down or had fallen down.

If you think that can’t happen to large cities look at Detroit.


Congratulations to her! I believe her. I see no reason why she would lie. :slight_smile:


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