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In searching for answers I stumbled on this website. I am a Catholic who has many Protestant friends. In a recent discussion I was talking about how exciting it would be to see to friends and family in heaven. I am biased as I lost my mother, husband and a child at a very early age. I have always believed that when I die that I will recognized my mother, husband and child in heaven in the perspective roles they filled on earth. Mother, husband, child, etc. No so say my Protestant friends. You will simply know them as good people not as relatives. I think I am learned enough to realize that theire will be no giving and taking in marriage (sex as such) but I do believe that it will be much like our family reunions. We will know each other as aunt Ruth and great grandfather Lynn, who I was named for and etc. Opinions? Scriptural support? And if this is not the right forum, where do I go? I am new to the group and in search of answers. The very reason I stopped by.


Yes, I am certain that we’ll recognize people we’ve known on earth. When Samuel was called by Saul from the dead (with the help of a medium), he could be recognized (1 Sam. 28). Also, dead souls are certainly somehow aware of who they are and what’s going on earth as well as have their previous memories (Rev. 6). Moreover, Lazarus was able to remember his brothers, and when he could do that not being in heaven, those in heaven should be able to do even more. Besides, there have been instances, when God has sent some of His saints to earth, and they are recognizable.
In general, I think, the idea that we won’t recognize each other is in no way biblical, and is based on speculative philosophical assumptions. We are a FAMILY, both on earth and in heaven, so the idea that family members are not able to recognize each other isn’t very “familiar”.

Thanks so very much Andyzy You know sometimes the our spirit is so very willing and yet our flesh is ever so weak recalling the words of Paul. Sometimes I think this is a big problem with those of us who are converts to the faith. Not only do we wrestle with what is new to us but also with what we have embraced before conversion. Though I love my Catholic faith much of my Protestant foundation still has a tendency to offer influences, not that I think that is sinful or anything of the such but it is there.

Then too I have oft been accused of being over educated but that is me. It is not that I doubt I just want to know I am not the only one believeing as I do. The word is comfort, human comfort. The ad that talks about the HU factor, that is what it is. Thank you so much for taking the time to add the HU factor.

God bless.

Yes I believe we will recognise our Family If we meet them in Heaven! Altough I think they will have GLORIFIED bodies. As Catholics, we believe in the Communion of the saints (we say it in the creed), that means that living or dead, we are connected to each other, we are part of the same body (the Church) with Christ as the head.

Personally I think it will be family and close friends who greet us as we arrive in heaven! :thumbsup:

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Pat the Cat:

Gee Whiz this is a really cool reply. So very glad that I found this site. My thoughts are the same and the reference to family and friends meeting me “us” at the gate, oh, yes! That is the day I live in anticpation of.

Saw that you live in Ireland and that too is exciting. My first husband who died several years ago was a "Flynn. He was not Catholic though he longed to be. His father was a United Methodist Minister. All of my children are “Flynn’s” and very proud of their Irish heritage.

Thank you again for the support. I wrote someone yesterday and said that it was not so much that I was threatened by others non - belief but that at times we all need support from other human beings. In fact one of my favorite ads on television is about the HU Element - the Human Element: something I sometimes really need.

God bless all the way from Texas!

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