Family in mourning--can I miss Mass?

I need a quick answer on this one. My 29-year-old brother in law died in an accident last night. My family is in mourning, we’re with my sister. Is this valid reason to miss Mass?

I am sorry for you loss. It might actually help to attend Mass, to receive God’s grace at this difficult time. Sit in the back.
However, a priest would be more equiped to answer your question. I would suggest to call your local catholic parish priest and inquire to him.

I can only share with you my own personal experience. I am an only child. I lost my mother over 16 years ago. She died on a First Friday. The next evening, my father and I both went to Mass at the parish, together to fulfill our Sunday obligation. My mother loved the Church and was faithful to the end. She would never have wanted us to miss Mass. In fact, it was a comfort to sit at our usual pew and pray. It gave us a chance to pray for the repose of her soul and for strength. It was painful, but, my mom taught me that God comes first.

**Who wouldn’t want to receive Jesus Christ in the Blessed Eucharist & pray for their loved ones in the eternal presence of God & all His Saints at Mass?

Sounds like the best time to go to Mass!!!
Sancta Maria, mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus, nunc et in hora Mortis Nostrae!


Going to Mass after losing a loved can be hard. However, the comfort of the Lord is very ideal in tough times like those. Pray, receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and be with God.

While attending a Mass can be a part of the healing after a difficult loss, sometimes people just aren’t ready to go out in public yet. Given that the circumstances appear quite sudden and tragic, I think its perfectly understandable to be present with family rather than attend Mass in order to comfort and grieve with them. There is no sin in missing Mass in such a situation.

I understand what you are saying; that is why I qualified my post to state that I can only speak from my own experience. In fact, our pastor (now deceased) was surprised to see my dad, my paternal grandmother (whom I forgot to mention was there) and me at Mass on Saturday night. It was not easy, Father. I am the first to admit that. My dad is the stoic one in the group. But, we went anyway. It was good to spend that time in prayer. I needed that because the liturgical planning fell to me and I needed to take some breathing space for myself. Father even announced my mother’s death during the General Intercessions. After Mass, the parishioners gave us their condolences (my mom’s obituary had not yet appeared).

if you are caring for someone who needs you yes. If there are necessary things to be done to deal with the situation, yes. If your personal grief is such that it is debilitating, also understandable, yes, all of these are matters of prudential judgement. But for those in the family who can attend Mass it seems they would want that more than anything, especially to pray for your brother and for those who cannot attend.

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