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There’s a family in my parish that refuses to associate with its extended family until those in the extended family get fingerprinted. The dad’s a former lawyer and wants to avoid any legal issues. Naturally the extended family, who also goes to my parish, is upset. But the dad’s family is quite large so some of them have given-in for the sake of unity. I, however, think this is wrong on so many levels but I’m not sure if it is my duty as a fellow Catholic to offer any advice. But, if I could offer some advice to the dad’s extended family, how would you guys advise me?

Whoa. And I got called crazy for insisting our parents got the pertussis vaccine. Unless there is actually a valid concern that they are involved in criminal activity, this is ridiculous and I would not associate with people who insisted I got fingerprinted before associating with them.

You have no duty to offer advice.

Stay out of it.


Even if someone in a family facing such a question were to ask you for your opinion, stay out of it. The only exception is something that a mandatory reporter would be bound to report or in that sort of situation, where silence would constitute some kind of complicity with a serious offense. That is the kind of case where you might have some duty to encourage someone to act. Otherwise, encourage others to take authority in handling (or not handling) their own business and their own duties in their own relationships.


Stay out of it.

Don’t send your kids to law school.


That’s strange, I wonder what the backstory is on this. Surely this isn’t standard procedure for lawyers? Have everyone in their world fingerprinted? There must be some incident that justifies this (in the lawyer’s mind).

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure I would just stay out of it.

Wants to avoid any legal issues? How does fingerprinting his family help him avoid legal issues? :confused:

But I echo the others, it’s not your concern.

It’s as if he wants to be able to dust the china hutch for prints if any of the silver is missing. Can’t let the innocent people know they were ever suspects! :smiley:

I have to admit that I’d probably not be capable of leaving my eyebrows un-raised if someone asked me what I thought of this situation. Having said that, I’d hope I could say, “Not my family, not going there.”

I’d gladly be a member of the family who required fingerprinting.

Then I’d also require a breathalyzer and a drug test kit for any family get together.

Second door on your right. Please don’t bare hand the urine specimen, and yes, I will need to be in there with you…

Last I knew, one can’t just walk up to a police station and ask to have fingerprint records searched, absent a crime. What was he planning to do with them?


Identify a body that doesn’t have a head? Who knows?

(Maybe there is a reason he’s not currently practicing law?)


To the original poster, there is something rather weird here. Something tells me that you know some/many of these members of your parish very well, because they have obviously spoken to you about this very personal matter.

If I were you and someone brought it up again, I would just say “That must be so hard, I will pray for your family.” and leave it at that and not get sucked in to gossip, giving advice or anything like that.

Yes, there is something weird. Get ready for the plot twist. The family in question is the diocese itself. The father is our bishop. We can’t do any volunteer work with the parish until we get fingerprinted. Can’t even volunteer to put up Christmas decorations. How would you advise me?

That’s not a plot twist that’s being disingenous. I’d advise you to follow safe environment protocols

Shame on you.

Yeah, I have to agree.

The protocols in place in our diocese are the exact kind that weed out potential predators. They are not burdensome in terms of time or cost. Where we live you don’t have to be fingerprinted if you"ve resided in-state for 10 years.

Predators rely on being given trust and access before anybody knows anything about them. Sorry, but nobody’s entitled that trust. Especially not before working with children.

:rolleyes: Not analogous at all. Also I don’t know where you are, but anyone can stay and help out with decorating or bring someone meals at our parish.

The threat to children in the diocese is not the volunteers.

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