Family Life in The Bible


So, reading the book of Sirach, I learn the following:

Children of an unlawful marriage are evidence of the unlawful marriage.

Most unlawful marriage, I believe, is the result of vows taken which were never intended to be upheld at the time of the taking by one or both parties.

With the divorce rate like it is, is the current uprising of secularism and its effects predominately caused by unlawful marriages?


I too, often want to pinpoint the reason or reasons for a lack of apparent faith in the world. In reality it is all our numerous failings that draw individuals, communities and nations away fro God. Jesus teaches us that every life has value and that the divine spirit lives in every heart of mankind.

Today the Pope helps us to understand that we are to serve from a lowly position. Accepting faults and showing love, the powerful and life changing love given to all who seek him.


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