Family member coverting to the Baptist Church

Well this is not my case…but my friend. Her brother stopped going to Catholic masses…and has been attending the Baptism Church for three weeks. He says --he’s not anymore catholic.I understand the case of his brother. He’s a faithful Sunday mass goer but not really quite versed in the faith…when asked why he converted, he told my friend—he doesn’t like the masses anymore…and likes the other church because it’s lively, more fun and has a sense of community…

I dont know what to advice…I know this is saddening the Virgin Mary and he will be missing the Holy Sacraments…how terrible!..but he just doesn’t quite understand that.I understand him because the other church is giving him a sense of community and actively involving him. He does not have any catholic group in the past…and Sunday masses are his only catholic outlets…so I see why he converted…I guess the Catholic church knows this issue…

Anyhow, what do I advice my friend? is this a serious spiritual problem? I mean, I seriously respect the other christian denominations…and i have high regards for some protestant pastors like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen…but I mean…he is converting…what should we catholics do?

You make some valid points that I think the Catholic church needs to address. One of those points is the sense of community that many protestant churches are much better than us at. The very nature of our Mass sets us up to be less involved in parish activities. I wish I had an answer, but I don’t—at least right off hand.

Joel Osteen is basically just a motivational speaker which is why he appeals to so many. If you listen to him (I’m from Houston so I have) he doesn’t challenge anyone’s behavior–he’s more “I’m okay and you’re okay” which is much easier to accept than the truth. I think that one thing we need to look at as Catholics is how the church once was–say in the first centuries after Jesus came. Those churches existed as extended family and we do need to bring that back. Having said that–and with no disrespect meant–any Catholic who could trade the sacraments and Mass for a social get together, probably really hasn’t been Catholic for a long, long time. About all that you can do is to pray for him.

yeah…I was once an atheist…and I dont honestly get the mass back then…I understand how difficult it was putting through it without the basic foundation. Anyhow there are actually a number of lay Catholic communities and organizations which are somewhat like those of the protestant communities. They are present here in my area, but protestant churches are really competitive and very convincing…They have some good pastors who I personally admire and live a life of witness. I am also influenced by Dietrich Bonhoeffer…

Honestly, I’m also quite soft with them because I was inspired by the faith of my protestant friend…despite that I believe that the Catholic faith is the one true Church. But I really dont know how to deal with this one because the saints really strongly object the protestant movement or the “infidels”. They are anxious that they may be straying in the faith. I am only anxious because of the anxiety of the saints…I dont quite get that because I’m not a fundamentalist so I would like to respect her brother…but maybe…maybe this is also not a good Catholic attitude…he has just converted to the Baptist Church and is now believing that statue veneration is a wrong doctrine…and I believe he will learn to hate the Catholic Church in just a few weeks if this is not addressed. Please pray for him

Read the church fathers, read catholic books refuting Protestantism and how to defend the faith, look on Catholic sites for more answer, learn a little bit of Greek for a plus. Study, and refute him.

Part of the problem is that the protestant ministers we hear about are often like Billy Graham or Osteen—really great speakers. A priest can be a really good man and priest but not have the gift of giving a spectacular sermon. However it’s more than that—the church needs to find ways to to truly make their parishes families.

People really have to decide for themselves, and hopefully he will tire of the “entertainment” aspect of this baptist church. Hopefully at some point down the road he will begin to understand that we do not go to Church to be entertained by lively, bouncy music and loud hand clapping. We don’t even go to listen to the preacher tell a good story. We go to worship, not only attend mass, but participate in the mass. We are not attending mass to come out with good “feelings”, and then enjoy the food and fellowship thereafter. It’s not all about us.

Somewhere along the line he missed this participation aspect, and was not engaged in the mass as he should have been. He was simply there, and if one attends mass without the full knowledge and understanding, it will seem very boring in comparison to the loud bouncy happiness within the entertainment of some other churches.

It may take some time, but he will eventually, likely figure it out.

A very vice post Starrsmother as always, but Im questioning the bolded text in your post.
I thought that as the church are being led by the Holy Spirit that there is no gain in looking back in the past for answers as today’s church are exactly as The Holy Spirit wants it regarding dogma and liturgy?

Isn’t that an essensial part of our church view?
That seperates us form other Christians that Allways try to look back at the early church and copy everything they did back then?

Yours in Jesus and Mary

  • MarianCatholic

Trust that God is in control and He is seeing that this person is growing in his faith. As a survivor of Catholic clerical sexual abuse, I found Christ’s healing in Protestant communities myself. We do not know the mind of God. 1 Corinthians 2:9 “What no eye has seen, nor ear has heard, nor the human heart conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him.”

Much progress has been made since Vatican II where the Catholic Church has grown in mutual respect for Protestant denominations. Vatican II was when the Catholic Church acknowledged that Protestants were correct in teaching scripture to lay people. We are united in the name of Christ.

You have some point there. I was also thinking the same thing…but I don’t really know if we should just leave catholics to other churches…given the Truth of our faith (despite our sinfulness). I guess, we, the People of God, must really do something about this.

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