Family Member, "Demons" and Televangelism


My cousin reached out to me because of her concern over her brother who is planning to attend Todd White’s [he’s of the Kenneth Copeland flock] Lifestyle Christianity University [] in the coming months. She’s very concerned because her brother sent her a prayer journal almost a year ago, which included a prayer to rebuke the demon causing her epilepsy, and she fears that attending this “University” will only embolden his beliefs and his thoughts on why she has epilepsy. Can you share some resources that would be helpful to her; perhaps stories of people who’ve experienced the same, or how to approach someone with said beliefs?

Thank you for your time today.

God bless, Kyle

No, I haven’t, but I’ll pray for you guys.

Sorry I couldn’t be of help, otherwise.


I don’t know enough about the details to know how to help

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Epilepsy is a health condition- a neurological one. This disorder is caused by an abnormal activity of the brain, causing the central nervous system to malfunction. It is biological and medical.

I would highly advise her to get her seen by a neurologist who is a specialist in epilepsy.

I assure you that her epilepsy is not caused by a demonic possession.

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yes, she has seen specialists for 20+ years… it’s more a concern over her brother and the influence of this “non-denominational” church that is making him believe these things

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I would advise him to sit with the specialist and ask him/her questions. And allow him to see neurological testing results (if his sister allows). What her brother is doing is actually denying her condition and perhaps in part accusing her.

As a person who has been blamed and defamed because of a disability, this is upsetting.

I would also ask him to trust that God is in control and it will be much better for him to accept her condition rather than blaming this as a demonic influence.

Also in the meantime, pray- also I think it will be good to ask the intercession of St. Dymphna (patron saint of neurological disorders) and Bl. Margaret of Castello (patron saint for disabled persons).


As an epileptic myself I am sad to see stereotypes about epilepsy still doing the rounds like this.

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