Family members in a cult


My MIL and SIL ( Mother and sister in law ) are in a cult. It’s called the Sri Shinmoy Sentre. Anyone heard of it? ( I am changing the spelling a bit because I don’t want people to google it as the membership is small and I don’t want them or me to be exposed, but the Sh is a Ch and it is actually Centre)

They follow a man who claims to spread peace and harmony around the world. They change their names to names given by him. He claims to be an avatar and says he welcomes all religions into his group and even has Catholics and other Christians in his group.

The members need to be celibate, unless they get permission from him to be in a relationship. They wear sari’s, or the men wear the white Indian clothing. They are to be strict vegetarians and they have to meditate in front of a photo of him.

My SIL joined when she was 14 after attending a non denom bible camp and the kids there got drunk so she was turned off. Sri Shinmoy Sentre advertises as though they are a meditation group/yoga but really they are recruiting. My MIL got worried and joined to keep an eye out. Unfortunately she got sucked in too. They have been members for over 10 years and the worst thing is that my SIL works for one of his “Divine Enterprises” and is paid less than $2 an hour. It is a vegetarian cafe and she has worked there since she was 14. She hasn’t gone beyond high school for her education. She doesn’t watch any TV or participate in real world things ( not always a bad thing ) but she is also not contributing to social security so if she gets sick, who will take care of her? The Cult? I think not. My MIL has a real job… but her and my FIL pay for her apartment and another cult member lives with her.

They take long trips to Turkey and Asia and sing their songs and spread the message. The leader is very manipulative and brainwashing. Their trips always take place over the Christmas holidays so my DH and I never get to see his family over Christmas.

We try not to think about it too much because it saddens us and frustrates us. My FIL is not involved but he stays close and accepts everything they do to keep them close.

My DH and I live 2000 Miles from them… so we forget about the situation easily.

We have thought about seeking professional help but I suppose you can only just pray and hope they leave right? Anyone else had any cult experiences? They feel so STIFLING.


Sounds like Sri Sathya Sai Baba and other such Hindu inspired cults. I will say a prayer for them.

By the way-I’m not having a go at legitimate Hindus. Just the Hindus that form cults around themselves and lead gullible people into following them as an Avatar.


Some of my Hindu friends think this avatar is ok and is doing nothing wrong.

I have heard of sai baba… he has an afro right? hehe. Thanks for the prayers. I pray about it everyday.


Thats right, and I also know a great many Hindus who think that he is a genuine Avatar. Just because they think it does not make it true. I will read up on this group and see just how compliant they are with actual Hinduism. I won’t pass judgement until I know a bit more :wink: , until then I will keep your family in my prayers.

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