Family members living arrangements and condoning sin

I’ve having a hard time drawing the distinction of condoning a sin or simply being present.

i’ll give an example, would it be considered condoning of sin if you went out of town to visit family and stayed at their house, even if they were cohabitating, or divorced and remarried, or in a same sex relationship? le’ts just stick with children, siblings, cousins EtC. more immediate family.

there are many such examples in my own family. le’ts just think of me as a single person visiting though. because I know, if you have children, there’s a whole other dimension of complexity

I searched on the forums for an answer and some CaF apologists said it would be and other said it wouldn’t.

the argument of it being wrong is that you could not insist on separate quarters if they visited you because you will have undermined your authority to do so. but, your house, your rules, isn’t it? there are plenty of things that others do in their own house that I wouldn’t let people do in mine

I’m conflicted, on the one hand, we don’t simply avoid all the houses of people who commit sins, which is everyone, but on the other, these particular scenarios, the sins are directly linked to their living arrangements.

and before anyone says it, I have asked a priest but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

i guess my question is, is our presence already automatically condoning?

what would you guys do? do you have any experience with this? would you stay at their house? or would you let them stay at your house?

If your relatives were complicit in selling drugs or something criminal, then I would not attend, however; the other situations are not for you to judge. You are just visiting, nor settling into their households with plans to live there forever!:slight_smile:

Didn’t you ask this yesterday? What about those answers were unclear?

I hardly got any answers at all

Why aren’t you talking to a priest/spiritual directors. I notice in all your threads you get great answers but you refuse to accept them.

i’m looking for a spiritual director.

I didn’t really get many answers for this question.

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