Family missing Sunday mass


What is the correct position that I should take with my family members who deliberately miss Sunday mass often , then suddenly decide to go to Mass and receive Communion without going first to confession. ?
I have spoken to them many time but it hasn’t altered the practice


Are they adults? If so, it’s their responsibility. You’ve spoken to them, that’s all you can do.


If you have already spoken to them and it has not changed their behavior, there is not much else you can do. I remember at my wedding, we explained the guidelines for the reception of communion in our programs, and the priest explained it, too, as kindly as we could and we still had non-Catholics and non-practicing Catholics receive. People have free will. I think the best thing to do is offer prayers for them.


Really appreciate your response


Thanks for your answer and suggestion.


A position of prayer…your speaking to them may not help; God must speak to their hearts.


Depends on who these family members are, how old you are, and how old they are.


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