Family Name change of my son

Good day!

   I would like to know if I can change my son's family name in his baptismal certificate? He was basptized last Sept. 2004 and i made him used my family name instead of his father. I am not married to his dad but in his birth certificate, he is acknowledge to use his father's last name.

  Since then when my son started studying, I have let my son used his dad's last name. Now I am planning to transfer my son in a Catholic school but baptismal would conflict on his school records. 

  What would be the process if there's any possibility to change my son's last name on his baptismal record.

Doesn’t your son have a legal name? I don’t understand how you can just change your son’s last name without going to court, or obtain a social security card under a name other than his legal name. Usually the name on the birth certificate is his legal name, but you indicate he was using your last name until he started school. This is confusing.

Call the parish where he was baptized. They will tell you if the baptismal certificate can be amended or if a notation can be made as to his legal name.

yes in fact this should be done now, before he prepares for first communion and confirmation. simply bring the new birth certificate showing the correct name to the parish where he was baptized. They will amend (not erase) the original record and issue a new baptismal certificate in the new name. From now on anytime you or he requests a notice of baptism it will show the new legal name. the parish where he was baptized should have insisted on a birth certificate or other legal record of his legal name at that time.

If you have not made the name change with the court do that first and get a new birth certificate issued.

It all depends on where the OP is from. We never require a birth certificate, in fact, it’s not unusual for children not to be registered at all until the parents need a medicare card for them.

In my province, until a year ago, the Churches were the ‘official’ name people. Vital Statistics will still call us to see what name a child was given in baptism and will issue birth certificates based on that. If the name they have recorded differs in spelling from what’s in our registers, our registers are the final authority.

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