Family of Irving 'Bud' Feldkamp, Owner of the Nation's Largest Privately Owned Abortion Chain, Dies in Montana Plane Crash

We’re all going to die, because humanity was kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

Rhetorical questions: Are you saying God is a murderer because we all die? Does the timing of our death (in infancy, in old age) change that?

This plane crash in all probability was a result of human error. It isn’t uncommon to see rich people think that the rule of physics do not also apply to them. Gravity does not discriminate. Smaller planes are known to crash more often.

Now the fact that the plane crashed in a Catholic cemetary close to the site for those aborted may have been part of God’s plan. God knew these people would make the choices they did. He knew that the outcome would be their deaths. He didn’t cause it, but He may have used it to make a point to the grieving family about the evil they have caused.

This kind of grief can change a person dramatically. Let us all pray that it changes the heart of this man so that he will now cling to God and become an ardent supporter of life. That would be Christian charity. To have someone like this have a change of heart would be the miracle.

I dont think God kills…

but… He does know our last hour…I am sure is planned for all before we are born. Including these poor sould on the plane.

Maybe He chose the PLACE… a Catholic cemetary as a message.

It was going to be their time anyway… why not build a lesson into the place it happened to have a discussion… to make other hearts change…take stock of our own lives…

just my 2 cents.

May God have mercy on his soul and may He lead all those to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy.

Prayers for all those he has left behind as well.

Let us pray for the thousands of innocent babies put to death at these abortion clinics and their mothers.:gopray:

We don’t know that God killed his innocent grandchildren. We only know that this man makes money from pressuring women and mothers to murder their own innocent babies so they can have “freedom of choice” (PC translation: so that he can make millions of dollars in profits.)

As an Athiest, you don’t believe in God, so why do you care???

If you are truly an Athiest, you believe that everything is a random accident and nothing is wrong or evil, so who cares???

As Christians, we believe that God created everything and that he loves us so much that he let’s us have a free will.

Along with that free will comes a conscience and we do not judge others or even say that God caused this horrible tragedy.

We do know in our hearts, that we cause our own judgment based on our “choices”. That is truly “Freedom of Choice”.

As followers of Jesus, we pray for the innocent victims and for the owner of the women’s health clinics (PC translation: “innocent baby murdering centers created for profit”), and that they may all repent of their sins and spend eternity in Heaven with God!

We even pray to God for the Athiests who deny God and despise the God that gave them life!!!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


There is another thing to consider here. As God is all knowing and all loving we must consider that this was a way of allowing these people to enter into heaven. We do not know their hearts and what they did in the past or could have done in the future.

Pray for the souls of all those involved born and unborn.

So does God control us or not? That’s what I don’t get. When someone survives a crash, God saved them. When they die, it “wasn’t God’s fault.” When a human sins, they are terrible. But when God does it, it’s all up to him. So if God decides when we die, why should murderers and abortionists be blamed? It only makes sense to me that God is all-loving if he has no control over our world/behavior and it’s all about free will. Since it’s taught he does control it, I have no belief that if there is a God, he is loving.

God gave us free will. As a Catholic I know the Devil is alive and well and we have the freedom to choose good or evil. Listen to the Devil or listen to God? We are always tempted by the Devil to do evil we are also ask by God to do good.

There is a lot of things God has not revealed to us about life and death it’s a mystery.

Let us pray for all involved here.

it is all a mystery… a mystery with a big neon sign saying “not a coincidence”… but still a mystery we can’t fully understand. all we can do is pray for all families involved and pray for the conversion of their hearts.

God give us free will to choose Him or not, but that doesn’t mean He is not involve in the business of his creation. When tragedy happens, God allows it without intervening to stop it. Other times, He can intervene to stop the tragedy from happening. That’s His prerogative. God creates us and gives us life and He can take it away. For without Him, you wouldn’t exist to complain. The creature is not equal to the Creator, but only among themselves. That’s why no human can claim to be above other humans. All is equal, therefore, no one has the right to take the life of another.
If God has no control over our world, you think the world would go on as it is now. God creates and sustains His creation, because He loves His creation. That’s why the world still exists.

No, God might not cause this tragedy, but He can stop it, but He didn’t. :frowning:

I guess Bud is too far from God to receive His blessing.

Gods ways are mysterious…This might be a conversion experience for him…I hope he turns to God in his suffering and repents

It’s true that God did not intervene to prevent this tragedy from happening to these poor families, but that says nothing about the morality or immorality of anyone.
Your last statement is false. No one is too far from God to receive his blessing. The rain falls on the just and unjust alike. An individual may be too far from God to accept or recognize his blessings, but never too far that they are not offered.

The article said something about he wouldn’t make eye contact with people that protested…I think that might tell us something about him…He could be ashamed…after all he is a Dr, and their job is preserve life

I am much more put off by his wife who laughed at the photos that were shown…She is a mother and carried children to term…I find this very disturbing, and unnatural

May the souls of his family rest in peace and may they lead him and his wife to repent…I doubt that she feels like laughing now the poor thing

Christ has said you can not serve God and mammon…

God gives us freewill. It was the freewill choice of the parents to put more people then that plane could carry inside it. God did not make that decision the parents did. It was the freewill choice of the pilot to fly with that many people inside the plane.

I do not know what was in the hearts of those that were inside the plane. Remember Job.

This morning I heard the father of one of the adults that died in the crash not talk about those that died but how Mr. Feldkamp and his wife were good people. I have no idea what these people are going through. I do know that there are many that will think God was punishing Mr Feldkamp and his wife. This I don’t agree with. I believe this was man created and God allowed it to happen because of the freewill God built into human beings.

I saw that segment, too & thought it a bit bizarre. Did the individual interviewed have no knowledge how the Feldencamps made their money? He professed to be a Christian.:shrug:Maybe the source of the money was well hidden & not obvious to friends? Kind of hard to believe, but if they had a holding company or something…Who knows?

No Christian would ever be involved in abortion, nor would they think it was ok to make money from it

I agree… and yet, there are many who profess to love Jesus Christ and yet they support abortion. I’ve heard of Nuns who are pro-choice. I don’t get it at all. :confused:

I don’t think anyone who believes that God had entered our history as a human person and calls us to himself, thus securing our holiness and dignity as children of God, can support or be involved with abortion. Personally, I think this holds true for the death penalty and for those who were involved in the slave trade. I’m not saying these issues are equal in their moral implications, but I do think they are connected in that they are each issues that center around acts that deny the human person is holy and made in the image of God. Still, I think there are many folks who call themselves Christian but are ignorant of the implications of the Christian message. Rather than insult these folks or argue with them about whether they are Christian, I think it is best to challenge them with the message of Jesus and invite them to live up to the calling they accept in assuming the name of Christian. I agree that no knowledgable Christian would be involved in abortion or think it was ok to make money from it, but many ignorant, frightened or desperate Christians may think they have no options. I think we should try to offer options, calm fears and educate those who do not truly know their faith so that abortion and other crimes against humanity will not take root among us.

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