Family of nine Iraqi asylum seekers 'gang-raped drunk woman in Austria for two hours as she pleaded "No, I don't want this" after luring her from her friends on New Year's Eve


This entire thread is nothing more than fear mongering.

How is this story any different from the gang rape and murder of the little Iraqi girl, Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi, by United States soldiers?

And this is in no way an isolated incident, regardless of what U.S. apologists are guaranteed to say.


Both are wrong. Simple.

Foreign Americans should not be in Iraq on mass forcing a change of culture and creating bad blood between people. Foreign Muslim middle eastern people should not be in the west en masse causing disrespect and problems also.

We are consistent. Both groups should withdraw and the facilitating of either group is wrong. It causes problems. It disrespects local communities and it is not Christian.

Pope Benedict said at the time that there should be no invasion of Iraq. He was right.

When one set of people move en masse to another part of the world they create problems, disrespect of local culture and destruction of community harmony. This is especially so in times of warfare.

Those facilitating of the en masse movement of Muslims from war zones to their fellow citizens neighbourhoods and the forcing of those citizens to pay for their misplaced compassion is morally wrong.

Too many Christians have replaced their Christian compassion for the dictate of secular politics paid for by other people. The breathtaking arrogance of such people to believe they have a right to other people’s money and to force hardship on their fellow citizens is a great moral wrong. The labelling of people as uncompassionate who do not agree to the theft of their own money nor to the hardship forced upon them is a disgrace.

It is not Christ like.


One doesn’t have to be a US apologist to see the apples and oranges. It’s very clear that if asylum seekers are attacking the natives, they’re probably treating the women in their communities much worse.

So really comments like those above are easier and safer to make.

Since no one on this forum condones rape, I’m not sure what the point is other to say than :bighanky: they do it TOO! so…it’s not as bad when the shoe is on the other foot?

There seem to be some problems lately of the expectation of me to just drop whatever I am doing or discussing and signal how bad whatever progressives deem to be bad is.


This is as good of response as any. But I don’t have the time or energy to write a UN resolution every time a progressive talking point demands I speak out against some obvious injustice no one approves of.


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