Family of Young Liberal Wilson Gavin speak out after his death

I’ve read a few stories on this. It’s really a bit complex unless, you read at least, 3 or 4 articles. Lifesitenews has one too.

By the way, “liberal” is a bit of a misapplication of words, he was part of a “Young Liberals” group but his beliefs on social issues, seemed to be more traditional. This is a bit of a big story in Australia.


Devastating news. Extremely sad that some claim to be celebrating his, or anyone’s death. But on the issue of drag queens, that would make me sick actually watching one, and making your child a drag queen is child abuse.

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Let’s be more accurate. LifeSiteNews has two articles; one of which they suggest that it might not have been suicide, ramping all the commenters to proclaim that the LBGTQ community murdered him. What LSN is doing is straight out lying and demonizing their political opponents for their own monetary gain and should be shunned. They have no honor and deserve no respect.


Nope, I don’t think you are being accurate. They made a reference to what some of his friends are saying. They did not develop or push that point of view, just reported it.

While most of the immediate reporting out of Australia suggests that Wilson Gavin’s untimely death is the result of suicide, some friends of the devout traditional Catholic continue to speculate that this may have been murder in retaliation for his involvement in the library protest.


Funny how they didn’t actually directly quote any of these ‘friends’ or provide names. There is absolutely no evidence that this was anything but a suicide and to present it as otherwise to demonize a community is nothing sort of despicable.

I don’t know if the lifesitenews article stated that friends said he killed himself.

I went and read about 3 or 4 different articles on him. He was gay too at least one of the articles say.

Rest in peace, mental illness, suicide is a problem in society, I read one of the articles say he threw himself in front of a train. The Daily Mail has coverage too.

The Lifesitenews story might be very early coveage of this as well. New details emerge.

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It did. Theo quoted it above.

It also intentionally printed a lie to demonize an entire community.

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