Family...<Oh, SIGH!>


OK, so I finally “got around” to telling the last of my family members of my upcoming entry into the Catholic Church. I had saved for last my sister, the former nun. (As to the precise reasons she is no longer a nun, we don’t ask. She doesn’t share.)

Anyway, I finally did tell her, only to get a MAJOR LECTURE (via e-mail, thankfully) about not becoming too “old-school catholic”.

Other than ignore her, I really don’t know what to do with this bit of advice. I wasn’t at all aware that in one single e-mail she could derive the fact I was becoming “too old school”… I mean, compared to some of the folks around here, I am practically a New England Democrat!!! (Think Kennedy. Think Kerry.)

Oh well, at least now she knows. (And, truth be told, the only reason I made a point of telling her was that I figured someone else was going to wind up blowing it and telling her first. I know that would be hurtful to me, and I certainly wouldn’t want to hurt her).

I guess this was a mini-rant, rather than any sort of question. Questions I have and shall post elsewhere.


Tell her you’re not joining the old school, just the Catholic Church.


I’d begin by asking what “old school” is.

Crazy as it sounds, she may have left the church because she was taught error.


For right now, unless your sister is so close that she will be in attendance at the Easter Vigil, say nothing. Why let her take the dig and ruin your Lent?

Save it for later, when you have been Catholic for a bit, and she has had time to see how you’ve changed for the better.


I’d ignore it and work on being as authentic and orthodox a Catholic as you can be. The “old school” comment is her baggage not yours. Perhaps some day she’ll share with you what that is all about.


I had the same problem a few years ago when I converted. I come from a non-practicing Protestant family. My parents did not like it at all- my dad made fun, my mom ranted about how Catholics are ridiculous because of what they teach about abortion and birth control (she being a feminist out of 60s). I just dealt with it. They came to my Easter vigil and admitted it was rather nice. I think if your family loves you they will get over it and respect your views. Just remember if you are a proclaimed Catholic, you will have enemies everywhere. I would ignore the “old school comment”- she is just trying to grind an ax and impose her views on you, which she shouldn’t be doing especially when this is a time for you to “celebrate” your conversion and entry into the Church.

Welcome to the Church! It will be the best and the worst having a new worldview. It is a struggle but I try to remember that I have to carry my burdens. Just pray and be the best Catholic you can. God Bless.


I think she means: Don’t be the type of Catholic that takes everyting in bilnd faith. It is said that Pre-Vatican II is the PRAY - PAY and OBEY generation. You did what ever the priest said or face ex-communication. HOWEVER; that is not the real Church. As a convert, I can’t tell you if that really went on. But I can tell you that I fell in love with the Church and that is why I’m here…and yes, I do question…alot. That is how I get answers.

God bless you and welcome to the family.


Don’t be the type of Catholic that takes everyting in bilnd faith.

Good point. It always annoys me that people assume that if you believe what the Catholic Church teaches it must be because you are being spoonfed and not thinking for yourself.

Is it possible that one could give a thoughtful, critical examination of Catholicism and conclude that it’s TRUE?


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