Family only Catholics-by-name, what can I do?


I have talked to them about this, and I have them going to Church with me almost every weekend. I am afraid that this is where their Catholicism ends, and while they believe in Jesus, they are surely in a state of mortal sin and do not live life according to Jesus. I would die for them in a second, and I would give up my salvation in a heartbeat for their’s, but I know that this is not how things work. I have and will pray for them for the rest of my life, but I was wondering…would this even help? I do not doubt the power of God, but I do know that since He is just, He will not accept them into His kingdom just because of me (at least, I think). I feel almost sick to my stomach, and what makes it worse is that they always have the excuse, “Frank, we are good people”. I almost have the feeling that I couldn’t possibly be happy without the people closest to me in my life. What can I do?


Trust in God and pray. That’s all you can do.
Remember that one of the greatest of Saints, an Apostle and writer of much of the New Testament, began as an enemy of Christ, a vicious persecutor of Christians.

[sign]Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me?[/sign]

Augustine of Hippo led a dissolute life for many years while his mother Monica prayed for him. Eventually he because a priest, then a bishop, then a Saint.
Our history is full of terrible sinners who became Saints. Do not lost hope. Just keep praying and trust Him.
I’ll pray the Joyful Mysteries for you and your family.


I had a similar problem recently with my mother. She rerefused to go to mass and said horrible things about the church, so I had to ask her to leave. I cant have that kind of talk and example around my children. It is hard to get a c.i.n.o. to understand that if they live a certain way they aren’t really catholic without hurting their feelings. I would start by ecxplaining the churches teachings on the eucharist and recieving in mortal sin.


Thank you both for the answers. I have tried talking to them about it, both about the Eucharist and about mortal sin. My mom went to Catholic High-school even. What is weird is that some of my grandparents have passed away and there is not a DOUBT in my mind as to where they are, yet they didn’t really follow the church either. I can only pray that God lets them have their last rites like my grandparents, right? I fear that I could be a much better Catholic if I didn’t have this fear. :frowning:


God Bless you for your heart and love of God and your poor family, pharmacistUH. What a cross you have. I have a similar cross. My mom and stepdad are Catholic in certain respects but cannot accept the Church’s teaching on human sexuality, which unfortunately is one of the most grave issues facing our time. I agree with the advice given by reepicheep, all you can do is pray and leave it in the hands of Jesus. I would also suggest staying very close to Our Lady. It is soothing to look into Her eyes in a statue of her from Fatima, you can see her crying, for she is crying as you are, for the sins of a world that has forgotten Her, forgotten Her Son, forgetten even God in general. You might also try dear Kateri. Her family was her enemy and persecuted her very much (she was an early Indian Christian in the midst of a non-believing family and tribe, she suffered must verbal persecution, was worked to death). Learn about Kateri and ask her to be your special friend.

I will some prayers right now that God help you in this hard time for you.

In Her Love,


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