Family-ordered autopsy: Floyd died of asphyxia

It will be interesting to see how they deal with different causes of death. I would suppose a 3rd autopsy will be forthcoming.

This is not a good situation for anyone.


Didn’t the first one say it was his poor health, and this latest said due to asphyxiation. Did I misread it?

I’m asking what motivation would there be to perform a third autopsy if there already exists an autopsy that shows that external causes killed him?

I’m not questioning the accuracy of your recall of what you read. But on that note the previous medical examination from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner expressed thinking that that underlying issues probably were a contribution (the presence of “probably” in the reports makes this sound like conjecture).

Under the “Eggshell rule” (legal doctrine) even if a person is frail that frailty is not a defense for the injury that an action causes the person. Ex: If a drunk bicyclist knocked over an elderly woman and killed her even though that would probably not have killed a younger person he would still be responsible for her death.

Under this doctrine even if there are are health conditions that could be identified to show that he had frailties it doesn’t give indemnification for one’s actions.


I suspect if it impacts the charges brought that the cop’s attorney may push for a third

Okay, so you supposed that the officer’s defense team will try to get another autopsy in the hope of some outcome that would be favourable to his defense.

Unless the outcome could show that the police’s actions played no role in his death I don’t think it would be favourable.

I think the COD would matter more if the cop had been following procedure.

It was clear to me the method used wasn’t correct procedure and was causing undue stress/trauma, and pleas for help/relief were ignored.


I think the first one attributed his death to intoxication, heart problem.of some kind
plus asphyxia, but I might be wrong.

Someone said the FBI might ask for a 3rd autopsy.

I am not a coroner, but one would have to be in a lot of denial to say the knee in his neck for 9 minutes played no part in his death.


I would agree. Regardless of underlying health conditions, the 9 minutes of having a knee on his neck contributed to Mr. Floyd’s death significantly. He may have been in some sort of medical crisis before the knee thing but quick medical attention instead of a knee to the neck could have changed the outcome.


Don’t get me wrong…I’m not advocating for a 3rd autopsy. I can’t imagine the additional pain that puts Floyd’s family through. I’m just saying if you have two determinations on cause of death that are not the same, AND if it impacts the charges, then unfortunately, there might be a 3rd.

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As I said on another thread, there may not be as much of a difference between the two as the media is presenting. The second autopsy did not mention lack of being able to breath, but deprivation of oxygen to the brain (technically, asphyxiation) due to the cut off of blood flow (from the knee on the neck).

Why trust this one any more than the first? Given the atmosphere that has developed could we expect any other result?

This article says Floyd said he couldn’t breathe while he was standing by the police car, and before Chauvin put him on the ground. Surely that isn’t right. If it is true, then since Fentanyl can cause asphyxiation and since Floyd had Fentanyl in his system, that’s what the defense is likely to focus on.

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I just read he also had signs of recent meth use.

I just realized I made a mistake. The mention of his saying he couldn’t breathe while standing next to the police car was in another article cited within ChuckB’s article. Here’s that one. Sorry.

This is why the family ordered an INDEPENDENT autopsy. It proved what everyone already knows from watching that very clear video. County tried to whitewash it – it didn’t work.

Independent… What other result would they come up with in this atmosphere?

I think that’s a stretch. I do think it’s probably an error, though, in the ABC article saying he said he couldn’t breathe while standing by the police car. After all, the MSM is renowned for its misreporting. :slight_smile: But more of this whole thing will come out as time goes on.

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