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My BF and I have decided that we can’t live without each other and are planning on getting married this year! We are thinking October right now. My question is about the whole family planning thing. We want babies but want to get used to being married before we add the little pitter patter of tiny feet. October is a few months away but I’m a think ahead person. Is it to early for me to start doing all the charts and stuff? I don’t want us to get married and not have a clue what to do. I only know about family planning from what I’ve read on here so if you all have any books or advice about it I’m all ears.


Congrats on the upcoming marriage! :smiley: It’s never too early to learn about your body. It’s actually easier to learn it before marriage (cause your future husband’s semen can mimic some of the fertile mucous signs) than after. So, grab a book, join a class, search online, and get started. Praise God for your marriage, may it be blessed all it’s days! :smiley:


No it’s not too early for you to start learning about your body. But as an engaged couple you are to refrain from having premarital relations. Sexual relations are reserved for married couples and married couples alone.

Most dioceses have natural family planning classes available at several sites. For information in advance of taking these classes, you can get information from the Couple to Couple league.
Their website is

congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. Don’t forget to make an appointment with your parish priest for all the rest of your marriage prep. God bless you both.


Nope, not too early to start learning.

Read up on Creighton, Billings, and Sympto-Thermal to determine which method suits you best, and go to their websites to see which have instructors near you and what their schedules are.


My experience is that it is best to start 6 months to a year before a marriage so that you can first know what you are doing and second answer your dh’s questions about it…

Congrats on your pending marriage!!!


DEFINITELY start learning… I think it’s useful for ALL women of childbearing age despite marital status!.. It’s an awesome way to learn about your body and your fertility!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


And have your FH learn as well.


Well that explains your absence from LCT…:rolleyes:

Great! Congrats… from what I think I read elsewhere, he’s not Catholic, right? Please pick up a copy of Christopher West’s “The Good News About Sex and Marriage” and read it together. This will set you two on the proper course… don’t wait 17 years like I did… OK?


Congrats! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed life together!

Please do begin studying soon. I wish I had known more about charting and symptoms as a younger woman. I ended up with some health issues that would have been easier to identify had I monitored my fertility signs more closely.:blush: Charting is as much a tool for good health as family planning.:thumbsup: At least for me…



I agree with newbetx about reading the book by Christopher West, it was very helpful to me.

Oh Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. That is very exciting. Mine seems so long ago.

I would also say that it is not too early to learn NFP. The more you know going into the marriage about your body the better.


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