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Why does the Catholic Church allow family planning using natural means but condemns family planning employing artificial methods as shameful, vicious and a horrible crime?


Because the ends don’t justify the means. If I needed more income, I would have two options. I could work more hours at my job and save, or I could rob a bank. The end result is the same, I have more money. See the difference?

Natural Family Planning works with God’s design for human sexuality. Artificial Birth Control does not. It renders the marriage act sterile which is contradictory to God’s love for us. The marriage act is designed to be loving, faithful and fruitful EVERY time.


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If you are interested in reading a VERY well written lecture concerning birth control (with an open heart and mind), click on the link.



You are right – the end does not justify the means. But we are discussing why the “artificial” means are intrinsically evil, whereas the “natural” methods are not.

You said that “the marriage act is designed to be a loving, faithful and fruitful EVERY time.” Is that really so?

Is the marriage act designed to be fruitful throughout the monthly cycle? After all, NFP is based on the well known scientific fact that the woman is NOT fertile during part of the cycle.

And what about women after menopause? Is the marriage act designed to be fruitful at this time also?


From the catechism

2369 "By safeguarding both these essential aspects, the unitive and the procreative, the conjugal act preserves in its fullness the sense of true mutual love and its orientation toward man’s exalted vocation to parenthood."157

“unitive and procreative” does not imply the word “fertile”…


“unitive and procreative” does not imply the word “fertile”…

How can the marriage act between a husband and his wife in the post-menopausal age be both unitive and “procreative”? At that time the only meaning of sexual intercourse is unitive, a sign and celebration of the union between husband and wife. It cannot be procreative can it?



Artificial means that you are taking God out of the equation. That is not possible, that is where this becomes immoral. Every sexual act, as mentioned must be procreative (open to life) and unitive (uniting the husband and wife in a renewal of their marriage vows). If this is not present, it is a sinful act.

What do you mean is that so? I am not sure that I understand what you are questioning.

There is one thing that you must realize about the “procreative” aspect of the marital embrace. True not every day of the month the woman will be fertile, but you must still be open to life no matter what. Even if you are trying to avoid a pregnancy, you are still open to life.


Again, it is still open to life.


“procreative” means “open to life”… meaning we are not doing anything that would block God from creating life through the natural processes (ie, husband and wife embracing)…

You can be infertile and still be “open to life”… same with post-menopausal…
Simply because your body is not in it’s fertile phase doesn’t mean you’re not being “open to life”…

This is what the church teaches… :slight_smile:


No, it can’t but sex is an act that is procreative and unitive and those two purposes CANNOT be separated at the behest of the spouses. Just because a couple does not produce a child does not mean the act is not procreative.


Think of it this way. With NFP, if you want to avoid a pregnancy–you don’t have sex! During the time of fertility of course. With artifical means, you have no abstenance. So even though you are avoiding pregancy, you are still having sex.


The NATURAL occurrence of menopause and the infertile period during the monthly cylce contradict the assertion that the marriage act is designed to be procreative EVERY TIME.

So the basic reason why the Catholic Church insists that contraception is morally evil is manifestly false.


Just want to throw something else out there.

Do you really think this world is better off with contraceptives? Haven’t you noticed that since the sexual revolution there are more divorces, more abortions, more out of wedlock pregnancies, more diseases, more “trial” marriages, more spousal abuse, more cohabitating couples, etc…?

Pope Paul VI predicted these outcomes in his encyclical “Humanae Vitae”, and then some when the birth control pill became widespread.

Take a gander at “Humanae Vitae”


Because YOU’RE misunderstanding the word “procreative”…
It does NOT mean “FERTILE”.
THIS is the teaching of the church.


I get the feeling that you don’t want to think this through or read up on this. You’re willfully confusing God’s plan for the human body and the changes we go through as we get older or are treated for disease with purposefully altering the marital act (or our bodies) solely for the reason of contraception.


How do you know that during a “infertile” time of the month that conception is not going go happen. All things are possible with God.

If you use a condom, that act is not open to life at any time. If you use the pill, that act is not open to life.

If I were you I would be careful with throwing out statements like:

So the basic reason why the Catholic Church insists that contraception is morally evil is manifestly false

The teachings of the Catholic Church are not false, in this case your interpretation and twisting of the teachings is false


No, it’s not. The problem is that you don’t fully understand the teaching. You are overlooking the meaning of procreative. It means “open to life” not assurance of pregnancy.


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