Family Prayer


By the grace of God, about a few Lens ago we started saying grace before meals as a family. It’s indeed a blessing, but from the beginning, my children have taken it lightly, never having crossed themselves at the beginning and at the end, as I and my wife do. We take turns every day on leading the prayer, but my daughter in particular keeps herself to praising the food.

I’m afraid that they’re leaning towards just going with the moves, so I thought of inviting them for a novena to Our Lady of Lourdes to not allow abortion to be approved in Portugal in the referendum on the day of her feast, next Sunday. I tried it yesterday, but it was met with extreme resistance and got no participation from them.

Of course, it’s all my fault for neglecting raising them in the Faith, a Faith I myself was separated from for many years. Already in their teen years, I wonder what would be just the right nudge.

Does anybody else have gone through similar challenges?



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