Family preparing for the world to come


The afterlife has been scientifically confirmed as demonstrated by Doe’s Account. As the news is spreading, non-believers and christians that have fallen out of the religion will pour into the chruches eager for the Word. It will become our obligation to ensure that we do the best we can in order to prepare ourselves as well as our family members and friends for entrance into the hereafter. Undoubtedly we will be indirectly employed by our religion to welcome and teach the newcomers of salvation.


Doe’s Account???


You can look up Doe’s Account on Google.

It sounds to me like some kind of urban legend someone has started along the lines of the Blair Witch Project.


This is a self-published book. Since this is the OP’s first and only post, it makes me wonder whether that person is the author.

The whole thing looks rather weird.

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