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my brother and i bought season tickets to the upcoming football season for the local college here and my dad seemed bummed that we didn’t ask him if he wanted to go, not that he really expressed any intrest in going the previous seasons. my dad is one that get’s really angry when the team doesn’t do a play right, yells, and i don’t really like going out to sporting events with him because of it. but i do feel bad because i don’t really do anything with him. so, should i just suck it up and take him to a baseball game or something, knowing i’m going to be embarrassed by his behavior, or what? what would you do?

My dad was the kind of person who “embarrassed” me all the time. He’d yell and scream at sporting events, or yell and scream at people at sporting events for yelling and screaming. :confused: He passed away when I was 23 and I really wish I had spent time with him and understand him better while he was here rather than wishing he’d stop embarrassing me. I guess if I had it to do over again, I would have looked for some activities we could do together, and realize that as an adult, his behaviors were his decisions (as long as they weren’t hurting others). Is there another activity you could do with him, like fishing or something?

Oh I am so sorry dad, I did not think you liked [sport or team] because any time we have been to a game you seemed not to enjoy it at all, and I thought you hated this team. I would love to spend time with you [another hobby] sometime.

:thumbsup: That’s what I would do too.

Here’s an idea…

Maybe for a game or two give one ticket to your dad!
One game for your brother and dad… and one for you and your dad…

Then you don’t have to devote the entire season listening to his screams… but just one game with you!

Just a thought!

I say take him with you - so what if he embarasses you - he’s your Dad. Someday he will be dead & gone & you will wish you could go to a ballgame with him.

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