Family Relationship with Adult children

Do you have a close relationship with your adult children ,
as you had with your parents as you became an adult,?
I ask this because it seems that perhaps families seem more distant,

I have the very best relationship with my son. I even believe that he loves me!!! He visits me every day or two depending on his work and study commitments since I have been in hospital. He bought a dvd of one of the latest movies so we could watch it on my computer. He brought nut m&ms which we used to eat together when I took him to the movies when he was young and we just sat on the bed together.
He knows I love him like no other, apart from his mom. Families are what you build over the years.

Our relationship with our adult children is both closer and healthier than either of us had with our parents.

I’ve noticed this with the families of friends, too.

We are extremely close to our adult children. There seems to be a much closer bond in our family than in the family I grew up in, which was highly dysfunctional.
Our adult children are in and out of our house every day or so. And they don’t seem to have cut the umbilical cord like my husband and I were able to do. They really seem to rely on our advice and guidance and also, our nurturing. We are very supportive parents, and unconditionally love our kids. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. :shrug:

Until my parents death, we were very close. Much more then my parent’s were to their parents.

My son is an adult, but at 18, he still lives at home. We are very close. And he saw how I was with my parents, so he has that model to follow.

That is true. Studies have shown today’s kids are closer to their parents than the previous generation. It’s a good thing, but it can be bad when parents go too far. I’ve read about adult children who never learned to be independent because their parents fixed any problem for them that came up. We learn the fastest when we make mistakes, but some parents step in to help too quickly. When it’s time for their children to start their careers and move out of the house, they many times feel lost and depressed.

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