Family Says Man Shot By North Carolina Trooper Was Deaf


**CHARLOTTE (WTVD) – Authorities say a North Carolina trooper has shot and killed a driver following a chase in Charlotte Thursday evening.

Officials say a trooper tried to pull over a vehicle for a speeding violation on Interstate 485 around 6:15 p.m. when the driver didn’t stop. The driver then led authorities on a brief pursuit before stopping.

Officials say that’s when the driver got out of his car and an encounter took place between the driver and the trooper, causing a shot to be fired. The driver died at the scene.**

Dollars to donuts says this unarmed deaf, mute man was murdered because he used sign language.

The article continues at the link.


There is nothing to form an opinion on.
We know there was a traffic stop.
We know the driver was killed.
We know he was hearing impaired (not necessarily deaf).

At this point, that is it.
I await facts…


It doesn’t seem like anything has really come out about this case. However even a deaf man would have seen the blue lights and not kept driving.

It does appear that Harris had a previous resisting an officer conviction from 2010. I don’t know if he had any more criminal record other than that.

I think these days most officers would recognize someone trying to use sign language even if they don’t know it themselves. Unfortunately there is usually no way to get an interpreter to a traffic stop.

Until more comes out about this there really isn’t much to talk about as we have no idea what took place. A deaf person can attack an officer just the same as anyone else so it may very well be fully justified. We will find out more as the investigation continues.


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