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So my dad’s whole side of the family are SDA, and have been my whole life when I was younger when we would visit we would go to their church. Since then my grandparents have left the SDA church and have become messianic Jews but my aunts and uncles are still in the SDA church . for the past year or two I have really had it on my heart to share the truth with them, they have never been overtly anti catholic toward me or my parents or brother but my aunt is married to a nice catholic man and my cousin who is in middle school attends a catholic school. 2 years ago we were talking and she asked me about the rosary and intercession prayer and she(my aunt and grandmother ) said something very disturbing to me about life after death. My grandmother and aunt said that intercessory prayer is impossible because when you die you are asleep and unconscious therefore you can not prayer for anyone until the second coming. So my question is this how and where do I start with them to bring them to the fullness of truth and convert their hearts to the church ?

Live a life of simple and sincere holiness.

When this has become your habit, ask your family members if they are open to talking about the merits of the Catholic Church, and play it by ear from there. I’m not sure they would be open to doctrinal discourse unless that had some reason to believe in the authenticity of the Catholic Church’s teaching.

I hate to see an unanswered post. so will try. SDAs believe in ‘soul sleep’ and basically when you die you stay dead until the General Ressurection. So in their POV it does no good to pray for the departed.

You can and should pray for their conversion, but don’t get your hopes up. They have grown up being taught that the Holy Father is the Anti-Christ, and the church and Sunday observance is the “great beast”.

My family at least part of it were Armstrongers who held a lot of the same ideas, but even worse.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction in your time of need.

My girlfriend is SDA and it shocked me to know that they believed in soul sleep. January 2013 we started to read the bible. We started from Genesis and read the whole bible. I did research in a lot of catholic teachings and what Protestants like to argue.

At the bottom of my post you will see a link. Go to it. I spent 9 months doing it. I got my information from a lot of catholic apologetic websites. Hearing people like Scott Hahn, Tim staples just to name a few. And reading different books as well as the Bible.

I have a section there in regards to soul sleep and why we need to pray for the dead. That does not mean for you to argue with them, but if one day they bring it up you can say, look grandma this is several reasons why we believe in praying for the dead.

I hope it helps.

Yes they are. Their in group with the Jehovah witness that it’s almost impossible to speak to. Their way it’s only right, even if you show them hardcore facts that what they teach is wrong, your actually wrong for believing how they see it.

Catholic Answers has several articles on the SDA that might be of interest.

Also in what universe is a 192 page document considered a booklet? :wink:

I’ve been asked that before lol. But my theory is, if I say book some people might say or think no thanks. But if you say booklet, then maybe, just maybe, some people will say I can take a glimpse at it.

Good question! We see this often and especially by SDA, though there are few others who I think also hold to this. I have an answer in the following blog post of mine. The Intercession & Communion of Saints

Then CA has several links that will also help you with this.

*]Acts 7 describes death as sleep, so does that mean that the soul is unconscious after death?
*]How do we refute the “soul sleep” argument?
*]Are Seventh-day Adventists correct about what happens to the soul after death?

Thank you all so much ! Also I have to say that my grandma and one of my aunts is totally open to talking about religion and having an open discussion about this kind of stuff. So if anyone has a good place to start with maybe a difference between SDA or even more with messianic Jews which is what my grandma is now ? I will also define talk check out the links about other discussions about SDA. Thank you all again so much I am feeling better about this already !

In all cases, but especially with your Grandma, I urge you to invest in a copy of A Biblical Walk Through the Mass by Dr, Edward Sri. It will be one of the very best investments you will ever make in your faith and might even be instrumental (along with much prayer) with bringing her and other members of the family into the Catholic faith.

if you need anything at all, just feel free to click on my name and email or PM me and I’ll back you up all the way. :thumbsup:

Oh i didnt know sects other than jehovies believed that and trust me jehovies are the plague of mexico so ive heard about soul sleep. All you can do is leave them be those types are so set i thier ways and stubborn you cant win ive even showed sects like that biblical proof against it and they told me i was a fool

Wheneever you hear a Jehova Witness or SDA person speak just get away. These people are so stubborn that it be best to evangelize the walls than to speak to these sects.

It’s like my priest says, “we dont speak to these sects bc they are fanaticals of deadly sects”.

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