Family Synod


I’m really excited about this Synod the pope has called to be somewhere at sometime. I guess the question as to whether or not on that is divorced and re-married partaking in the eucharist is going to be discussed. Now is this one of those situations where they invoke the holy spirit to guide them? I know it’s like that in ecumenical councils but this isn’t as big as that is it? I don’t want to miss this. Well so much for getting an up to date CCC :slight_smile:

“Pope Francis Convenes Extraordinary Synod on the Family for October 2014”


Well, there won’t be any radical changes that liberals are all hoping for. Most likely they will only make changes to how priests are to approach the situation. Like instead of having priests focus on the sin, maybe the new approach would first seek to educate people in that situation on the process of annulment. The focus changes from being condemning the sin (and its effects of not being able to receive the Eucharist) to healing past wounds so the person can one day be welcomed back in the church.


Well I would really hope they would be praying and asking the Holy Spirit to guide them. Reading through the document linked above, there is a pretty comprehensive list of questions/issues to be discussed. As I read through them, I realized that all of those situations with different family/faith concerns exist in my community and in my parish and those situations are not going away. So I also am glad that there is going to be a focus on how to deal with these situations.


Will they go as far though as letting divorced people partake of the body and blood? If I understand things now they don’t. Divorce doesn’t change your standing with the sacrament of the Eucharist but remarriage after that does.



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