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My mom recently married “alex.” So I have decided to call him Pop. He already told me I can call him anything reasonable. I am just concerned how some family members (i.e. my older brothers ) might respond. My dad is still dad. I just think its a sign of respect for Alex, since he is now my stepfather, to call him Pop. If my brothers, who will eventually find out, are upset about my title Pop for alex, what do you think I should do.

I think it is very thoughtful of you to acknowledge “Alex” as your “Pop.” I understand your not wanting to call anyone but your dad, Dad. I think pop is affectionate and respectful.

If your brothers are ever upset about it, just ask them what they are upset about? You have reserved the name Dad for your father. If they have a problem with you calling Alex pop, it is truly their problem, not yours.

May God bless you and guide you. :slight_smile:

I will give a+1 to this. :thumbsup:

This is a good response. If your stepfather and your mother are fine with it, no one else has a lot of room to be offended. If it bothers your father, I’d use “Alex” around him, but I wouldn’t actually expect he’ll mind. I doubt your siblings will mind, either. They may actually be relieved that someone thought of a gracious way to deal with this situation, rather than saddling them with the dilemma!

I think you have found a good compromise. I call my MIL by her first name, but that’s because I am older and I lost my own mum 20 years ago - I could never call anyone else ‘mum’, and ‘mother’ seems too formal.

‘Pop’ is a nice alternative. :slight_smile:

My mom asked me to call him Alex, instead of Pop. So be it.

Problem solved.

I’m sure she welcomed your willingness to make him feel fully accepted. You did good. :thumbsup:

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