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HAPPY HOLY THURSDAY!!!:extrahappy:

I’m interested in family traditions that you have practiced/heard of for Holy Week and the Easter season. Please share.

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Dyed hard-boiled eggs - we hold egg-smashing competitions (each person chooses an egg, in pairs they’ll bash two of the eggs together and whoever’s egg cracks, or cracks the most, is eliminated - can take a while to work through the rounds to the ultimate winner)

Dad inevitably attempts to substitute an egg tomato or similar for one of the eggs and inevitably gets caught out and punished appropriately.

Spit-roasted pig or lamb for lunch on Easter followed by an afternoon nap, coffee and cake later and a game or two of cards …


Hiding Easter baskets for the kids to find. The hiding places got harder as they got older, and later we started making mystery puzzle clues to find the hiding places. Sometimes they don’t find their baskets til about Tuesday. Kept on doing this when girls got engaged, married, but SILs thought it was dumb (maybe they did not like my practice of lacing the candy with new toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, deoderant etc.). First I felt hurt, now I just make SILs work harder for their baskets, they have an internet maze and puzzle contest to complete before they are led to a site which tells them how to claim their prize–free round of golf, baseball tickets, whatever.

We also have a Christmas puzzle or game each year as well, but now the kids take turns running it. We do the same thing when we get together in July for family reunion, kind of a mapquest.

We have other contests like making animals from jelly beans, chocolate bunny races, and we have imported confetti eggs to Cleveland (a local custom here).


well, tonight we have the Sacred Music Concert at 6pm followed by the Holy Thursday Liturgical celebration…this year we have 10 people receiving their FHC and Confirmation tonight!
Tomorrow, we will do a local Walk for Life. Then we will boil our eggs. Then we will go to the Live Stations of the Cross. Then we will have an afternoon of quiet prayer and reflection.
THEN tomorrow I will take a sponsee to pick up her ONE YEAR CHIP - she has been sober for ONE FULL YEAR…YIPPPEEEEE.
Ok, after the meeting I will come home and watch Passion of the Christ. I have added this to my ‘traditions’.
THEN on Saturday, Tennabrae and get ready for Easter Vigil!
OH - and at some point we color the eggs…lololo


Watch The Passion on Good Friday.

Sunday is Mass twice since I’m in music ministry (sunrise & 11:30). Then it’s an early ham dinner.

Guess those aren’t really family traditions since I’m the only one who does them, except for the dinner.


Baskets with painted hard-boiled eggs and pieces of other food (some bread, some sausage, some this, some that… don’t have to be restrictive) to bring to church to be blessed. Then it lands on the table at Easter breakfast. Eggs go into the borshch (a bread acid based soup… though there might be other recipes) and/or there is some breaking and exchanging between family members.


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