Family Travels From New Zealand to Mexico For 2nd Stem Cell Therapy

It seems like the United States isn’t the only place where adult stem cells are not able to be used to help children improve their quality of lives. A wonderful family from New Zealand is now trying to raise money for a 2nd stem cell therapy after seeing positive results from the first adult stem cell treatment.

In February 2009, the Martin family traveled to Mexico to receive adult stem cells for their grandson and adopted son, ages 4 and 2 respectively. Their grandson has cerebral palsy and their adopted son has septo optic dysplasia.

The family says “If we can’t raise the money we’ll look at selling our house because we think they have made such progress so far,” Ross Martin said. “It’s the boys’ quality of life that we are really trying to improve, and we can’t put a value on that.”

“There’s virtually no risk in doing it, but the risk in not doing it is waking up at 65 and wondering if you had tried, would it have made a difference?” Bernadette Martin said about the adult stem cell research.

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