Family turmoil, prayer and support needed

i got into a huge fight with my brother tonite. he dislikes my boyfriend and my brother is being very out of line. he said i am tearing up the family and that he is no longer my brother. my boyfriend did something in the past many years ago which landed him in jail for a time. he is a great person, loyal, honest, generous, hardworking, and he paid his debt to society. my brother and father have a hard time accepting his past ( my boyfriend was wild and got into fights. he hurt someone bad in a fight coming to the defense of his friend. it was wrong but it was an accident and he was a teenager.) by the way, i have known him for fifteen years, and we are now thirty year olds and have been together a year and a half. further, my brother is gay. he came out to the family almost two years ago, and he was met with loving christian charity although we may not agree with his lifestyle. how can he be so judgemental and hurtful to me?

I don’t know the whole story, so I can’t tell if your brother is out to protect you, or just acting out. It was mean and hurtful on your feelings I am sure, but I really can’t tell. I am just a person online who has no insight into your life.

I can only say you are 30 years old. If you are not living under your parents’ or brother’s roof, you can only worry about you. You, and your bf, have to make prayerful decisions. If you are not living in sin, what you need to do is pray the whole matter through, and not run off or rush to get married or anything like that just because your dad and brother don’t like your bf. You might want also consult a counsleor, ***not ***because you are a nutcase in dire need of counseling, but so you can have the necessary tools to deal with your father and brother. If your bf wants to come along, great!

thank you for taking the time to reply and for your advice. please also keep me in prayer

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