family vacations


I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions regarding taking a family vacation with 6 children ranging in age from almost 14 down to a baby? What has been successful for you?
We live in the Chicago area and would prefer to travel out of the midwest, without spending every day in the car as I have one who tends towards car sickness!
Thank you in advance!:slight_smile:



I have always wanted to go here. This place is called Catholic Familyland. It looks like a great place to take the kids. It is in Ohio. I am not sure how far from where you are it would be. (whats a couple of states) LOL. Here is the link. Let us know if you go and fill us in on what it was like! Or if anyone else has been there and can give us an overview. Thanks.


Sorry, I always do that… forget to paste the link. Here it is…


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