Famous "Bad Catholics"!

I continually wonder and grieve at the public statements made by famous so called Catholic political persons who take horribly anti Catholic stances on homosexual “marriage”, abortion, birth control and divorce and they are rarely publicly denounced by Catholic bishops and priests or threatened with excommunication. In most cases the statements are ignored. The only places I ever see any comment on these outrageous statements are on conservative talk radio and Fox News. I firmly believe in my heart that if louder and stronger statements were made by Cardinal Dolan and other prominent prelates, including the Pope himself, these abuses would be lessened if not stopped. These so called Catholic politicians, Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, Kennedy, Mikulski, Sibelius and hosts of others must be publicly censured and warned by their bishops that they risk excommunication if they do not change their public discourse and when they do continue the diatribes excommunication should follow.

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