Famous Catholics

Who are they?

No famous Catholics?

There`s lots of famous Catholics but unfortunately many are Catholic in name only. Rudi Guliani, Madonna or Dalton McGuinty spring readily to mind. The most famous Catholic of them all of course is the Pope himself.

One could look at Charles Carroll of Carrollton who signed the declaration of independence.

More recently John Wayne whose grandson is is a priest in the archdiocese of Los Angeles.

I found out today that Brett Favre was a Catholic. That’s pretty interesting news.:thumbsup:

two of my fav comedians at the moment Owen wilson and steve carell.

Mel Gibson

Let’s kickstart your list with Former UK prime minister Tony Blair and UK member of parliament for Maidstone Ann Widdecombe. I’m sure there will be a few more exciting members of the list as it develops :wink:

I assume you mean contemporary, non-priest or Religious.

Martin Sheen won some award for his Catholic representation – he came back to the Church after a long absence I read in my Diocesan newspaper.

Many football (soccer that is) players are as well. Or at least a lot of them make the Sign of the Cross when getting on the playing field.

I know there are others but I did not get much sleep last night :slight_smile:

Stephen Colbert

I almost called out with joy when I read this because he is the best comedian in the world.

He is also a Sunday school teacher.

Alan Alda was Catholic and is now lapsed. I loved him in M.A.S.H He was a devout Catholic when he was younger but fell away in early adulthood. Pray for him with me.

I found a list… and it’s way to long. :slight_smile:


far too many to mention. Don’t underestimate just how large the Church is.

Maybe you should offer up a certain field? (like film, or art, or music)

Film, Music, and Athletics. :slight_smile:

Alfred Hitchcock (Vertigo, Psycho, etc)
Grace Kelly (Rear Window, Dial M for Murder)
Gene Kelly (Singing in the Rain)
Robert Altman (3 women)
Francis Ford Coppola (lapsed) (Godfather, Apocalypse Now)
Martin Scorcese (lapsed) (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull)
Martin Sheen (The Departed, Apocalypse Now)
Jean Renoir (The Rules of the Game)
Orson Welles (though I don’t think he practiced as he got older) (Citizen Kane)
Alan Alda (MASH)
Federico Fellini (8 1/2, La Dolce Vita)
Frank Capra (It’s a Wonderful Life)
John Ford(Grapes of Wrath)
Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ)
Mel Gibson (Braveheart, Passion of the Christ)
Sean Connery (James Bond)
Clark Gable (gone with the wind)
Dean Martin
Frank Sinatra (Manchurian Candidate)
Caroll O’Connor (All in the Family)
Bill Murray (Lost in Translation)
Al Pacino (I think he lapsed though)
Gregory Peck (Spellbound, Keys to the Kingdom)
Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking)
Fritz Lang (M, Metropolis)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator)
John Wayne

maybe I’ll do more later.

I love Stephen Colbert! That guy is so funny!!:thumbsup:

Joe DiMaggio always comes to mind. I don’t know if he was a practicing Catholic, but I always remember this quote:

I thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee.”

1972 Old Christians Rugby team, whose plane crashed on a mountain and were stranded for 72 days without food(had to eat the bodies of thier dead friends…had to) or water, had to survive an avalanch that buried them while they slept, and were finally rescued. based on the most awesome movie everr, Alive and the book Miracle in the andes. they prayed the Rosary together every night while stranded.

they were basically as good as dead, but never lost hope and overcame and achieved the impossible. :slight_smile: just goes to show there is hope in everything, no matter how grim.

Madonna is Catholic?
What a hypocrit.

I hear this Jesus guy is a pretty famous Catholic. :shrug:

It would be more interesting to list famous devout practicing Catholics that follow the Magisterium… of course it would be much smaller than the current list of nominal and cafeteria Catholics posted around the net.

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