Famous lines from TV commercials

Don’t cook tonight – call Chicken Delight!

New Ajax laundry detergent is stronger than dirt!

Dash makes your automatic clean like it’s 10 feet tall!

O O O…
It’s Bonomo

Schaefer is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one!

Maxwell House coffee is good to the last drop!

Nestles makes the very best…

And a really moldy oldie:

When the values go up, up, up
And the prices go down, down, down
Robert Hall this season
Will show you the reason
Low overhead!
Low overhead!

(alternate last 2 lines: High quality! Economy!)

(I love old commercials! :slight_smile: )

I can bring home the bacon…fry it up in a pan…and never never let you forget you’re a man…cuz I’m a woman…Enjoli (perfume commercial)


OK, here’s one in Spanish:

Si es Goya, tiene que ser bueno.

I remember this, because at the height of the disco dance craze, there was this great disco dance contest TV show called “Disco Fiebre” on a Spanish-language channel – Goya was one of the regular sponsors. So was Bounty Paper Towels, with Nancy Walker as “Rosie, the waitress” – it sounded like she was doing her own lines, in Spanish – not dubbed!

Bounty – the quicker picker-upper!

(I still remember the names of the hosts of Disco Fiebre – Chela Braniff and Fito Giron – am I a repository of useless information, or what? :smiley: )

Certs is two (click) two (click) two mints in one.

Do you know exactly how to eat an Oreo?
Well, to do it
you unscrew it –
very fast! –
'Cause a kid’ll
eat the middle
of an Oreo first
And save the chocolate cookie outside for last!

is the nicest tactic
Pick a pack of freshness
From the minty TicTac tree!

I bought a apir of Levi’s
They’ve really been around
I’ve taken them camping
And I’ve laid them on the ground
They’ve come with me to parties
And they’ve climbed up a tree
Why, they’ve been to school so often
They’re nearly smart as me
And after years and years of wearin’
My Levi’s in and out
I couldn’t help but notice
That the knee wore out
So I sewed on a patch
A flower here and there
They look so good again
I can take them anywhere
I’m using them as cutoffs
And flying in the air
Now I really think it’s time
That I bought another pair.
– You can live in Levi’s.

  • Red Rose tea is only available in Canada.
  • Only in Canada, you say? (sip) Pity!

There’s no other tea to beat PG! (PG Tips)

[Scene: Leonardo da Vinci’s studio, cluttered with drawings, apparatuses, etc. A female model looking like the Mona Lisa sits on a stool. Da Vinci stands before an easel.]
*]Voice: Maestro da Vinci, have you given any thought to the Caramilk secret?
*]da Vinci: Ah, yes. Caramilk! A fascinating problem. Mona! Take a break! [Starts rooting through papers, blueprints, etc, while Mona picks up and starts eating a Caramilk bar.] I thought this might work…And then, this machine! But that’s not it…And then this ancient Roman technique! But I need more time…more thought…
*][As Mona eats a piece, a mysterious smile appears on her face. Da Vinci spots it.]
*]da Vinci: [excitedly] Mona! Hold it!
*][Mona folds her hands in her lap, and appears now as the classic painting]
*]da Vinci: [in awe] Magnifico!

Well, he’s a drivin’ his ol’ junker
And he’s lookin’ for a wreck
He’ll smash a car, he’ll smash a truck
Or anything, by heck!

Now look at this new SSP Smash-Up Derby set
It’s Bug-‘Em a-goin’ 'gainst Tough Tom
Who ain’t been beaten yet!

Come on, li’l Bug-'Em,
You can get it done,
Crash! Bang! Smash 'em up!
Smash-Up Derby is fun!

Kenner’s new SSP Smash-Up Derby!
You’re lookin’ at the whole thang!


The Game of Life!
The Game of Life!
You can learn about life
When you play the Game of Life!

You start out with $2000 and a car.
Go to college, or straight into business.
You may have twins
Or wind up at the Poor Farm.
Fun! Thrills! Revenge! It’s great!

So play the Game of Life!

You sank my Battleship!

*]Voiceover: Operation! Milton Bradley’s goofy game for dopey doctors!
Here’s your patient…you take a card!
*]Boy: “Remove funny bone…”
*]Voiceover: Careful – if you touch the sides —
You blew it, Charlie! Next!
*]Girl: “Take out wrenched ankle…”
*]Voiceover: The winner!
*]Girl: “Ha. Ha. Ha.”
*]Voiceover: Get Operation. It’s electric. It’s great!

You see what you people started in my brain? 5 Hail Mary’s each or it’s extra laps in Purgatory! :mad:

  • “twoallbeefpattiesspeciallsauselettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesamesedbun” McDonald’s Big Mac

  • “Quaker’s got the cereal that’s shot from guns!” Quaker Puffed Rice, to the background of the 1812 Overture. I did a Google search and couldn’t find the TV ad but Quaker apparently used the “shot from guns” slogan as in print and on radio as far back as the 20s & 30s.

  • “Only your hairdresser knows for sure.” Clairol ?]

  • “Hey, toots, where’s the rest of your car?” AMC Pacer.

  • “I’d love to be an Oscar Meyer weiner/ That is what I’d truly like to be . . .”

“Prices so low, they’re insane!” (Crazy Eddie - local maybe to NY/NJ)

I only remember that one because it was used to great effect in the film, “Splash”, when Darryl Hannah wanders into a store with a wall of TV’s and ol’ Crazy Eddie pops out at her, screaming that line. :smiley:

Wow - there are some great ones on out there. My mind is reeling in the memories…

Here’s a few that haven’t been mentioned:

Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

Two, two, two mints in one! (Certs)

And how 'bout these little diddies from Barry Manilow, no less (sing along with me now):

“And like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

“I’m a Pepper, he’s a Pepper, she’s a Pepper, we’re a Pepper. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too? Be a Pepper, drink Dr. Pepper”

D’you get the feeling we’ve watched entirely too much tv??

No such beast… :smiley:

“It takes a licking, and keeps on ticking.” - Timex

“They’re GRRRRREAT” - Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

“So easy, even a caveman can do it!” - GEICO


“Let Hertz put you in the driver’s seat”

“When you’re number 2 you try harder” - Avis

“Mmm! Mmm! Good!” - Campbell Soup

For those in Michigan:


"You’ve got an uncle in the furniture business, Joshua Door, Joshua Door!"




Manilow also did:

“I am stuck on Band-Aid brand 'cause Band-Aids stuck on me.”

Here’s one that you’ll wish you could forget…48 hours from now when you’re STILL singing it (sort of like ‘It’s a Small World’…)

I’d like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I’d like to buy the world a Coke
And keep it company.

It’s the real thing (coke is…)
That’s the way it should be (coca cola…)
What the world wants to see (wo-yeah…)
Is the real thing.

“To pooped to participate”, also from Michigan, for Bubble Up (A Sprite like drink.)

Twoallbeefpattiesspecialsauselettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun. (McDonalds)

*can’t get rid of the space in onions.:shrug:

Which way did he go?
Which way did he go?
He went for FAYGO!
(brand of soda pop sold in Michigan)
another line in one of their commercials was “I’m too pooped to participate!”

brusha brusha brusha
with the new Ipana

the skin you love to touch

Ring around the collar (in a nagging whiny voice)

and for the rest of you Detroiters:
you’re on the right track
to 9 mile and Mack
Roy OBrien trucks and cars
make your money back
Roy OBrien’s got em buyin and buyin
they come from many miles away
you save yourself a lot of dollars dollars
by driving out his way today

pretty sad when you consider present state of my town’s one industry.

Just thought I would derail for a second…back in the seventies I had a doll, I think her name was Mimi, who sang this song in various languages. She had this mini record player embedded in her back, and mini records for each version of the song. She also had a cool “mod” outfit with boots and a beret. Thanks for having me remember her.:slight_smile:

Oh, and also from the seventies:

Your mom has wrinkly pantyhose!

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