Fan in gorilla suit and ‘All Lives Matter’ shirt gets on field during Lions-Bears game in Chicago



I personally dislike it greatly when people pull stunts like this. I hope he is fined or charged with something.


Rettke faces up to four years in prison after being charged with one felony count of civil rights intimidation, according to the AP. The student has since said he was trying to provoke the protestors and said he regrets his actions.

He’s certainly guilty of trespass, disorderly conduct and probably a slew of other charges but I think there’s a big 1st Amendment problem with the racial intimidation charge. It is legal to parade with Nazi flags in front of synagogues.


I may have misread the article. I thought there were two separate incidents being referenced in the article.



Rettke was the guy arrested in Tennessee, not the guy at the Bears-Lions game. I certainly wouldn’t encourage people doing things like this at a football game, but to be honest, I laughed. I can’t stand Black Lives Matter and there constant defense of violent criminal thugs, so when someone pokes fun at them, even when it’s inappropriate as it was at Soldier Field, I still have a hard time not laughing.


I guess my funny bone doesn’t respond to racism.


I thought the stunt was in reference to the gorilla killed at the zoo earlier this year.


About as racist as the photo of the dog with the sign that reads “Black Labs Matter” while the Yellow Lab has a sign that reads “All Labs Matter”.


When I first saw this headline, I thought this was a PETA stunt.




The very name of popular culture! :rolleyes:


Was that the gorilla’s name? I think it was a zoo in Ohio when the little boy fell in.


I say he deserved it, but that doesn’t seem to be a popular opinion. :smiley:


Yes, the tragic event happened in Cincinnati, Ohio

A month ago, at a high school football game, someone dressed up in a gorilla costume and dragged a young boy.

However, that prank occurred in Cincinnati. What happened in Chicago had nothing to do with Harambe, but was clearly a racial insult thrown at the Black Lives Matters movement.

The Chicago prankster is having his fifteen minutes of fame. The first couple minutes might bring him joy, but the next thirteen minutes (after his identity is released to the public) will not be so pleasant for him.


Aping an astroturfed “popular movement”? Well, that’s monkey business for you. I hope they give this chimp - sorry, chump - as little attention as possible. :wink:


Thugs? Really?

Laughing? Really?


If you are talking about this

I don’t think it was a reference to Harambe. Especially because he has the Confederate flag, bananas and rope. And calling black people monkeys/apes/gorillas is obviously racist (there is a history behind the connotation). Paired with the Confederate flag and the All Lives Matter thing, it’s clear that the student is being racist in an attempt to get a reaction from the BLM supporters. Thankfully, they remained calm and he just looked like a bigot. :slight_smile:

If you are talking about the football game, it could be a reference to Harambe, or it could just be a racist thing. Could be both. Not as clear cut, but if someone were to dress up as a gorilla and talk about All Lives Matter, doesn’t look good IMO

It is not a "racial insult" to say "All Lives Matter". Just because most BLM people are black does not mean disagreement with their movement is racist. They can walk out on the interstate highway with no charges, but if a guy speak out against them he is "racist"?


The guy was in a gorilla suit…there has been a negative connotation between black people and said animal/monkeys. Coupled with the fact that ALM is usually said against BLM (where is the outrage over lives being unnecessarily lost? Where are the protests, the awareness?), it’s not difficult to see that it is racist.

It’s not just saying All Lives Matter.

although I can see why that will be offensive to some people (bc like I said, it has always been said to silence BLM, and it’s not like BLM only cares about black lives, although there are some that are too angry and they verbally attack whites…but still in general, it’s like how breast cancer awareness week focuses on breast cancer, it’s not saying that it’s the worst, get it. People of different races are just upset that they feel as if BLM advocates are not paying them any attention and they think a focus on one issue=only that issue matters)


Would also like to point out that the phrase All Lives Matter logically includes black lives…but people under this say this AGAINST BLM, which just looks odd. Because they aren’t mutually exclusive. So saying that it’s ALM vs BLM looks like it is either “black lives don’t matter vs black lives matter”, or “all lives matter vs only black lives matter”. Both aren’t true!

If you want a slogan that focuses on all life and not a particular issue like sexism or racism, make a new slogan instead of changing a word in an already used one, because it just looks like you are against the original statement, which is…quite stupid… and you are opening the doors for people to label you as a racist/whatever.

Blm obviously believe that nobody should be killed unnecessarily. So technically they believe all lives matter. But they are focusing on a specific issue-racism.

Make an original statement like idk…“life is precious” or something that basically means that every life matters, and you will see BLM supporters advocating it too.

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