Fangirlish irritation - "fandom" members step up!

There are two characters in a fandom I just joined who I want to see interact more because they have an interesting relationship, but most of what’s out there is either in a language I can’t understand or is pornography. Do any other fandom maniacs have this problem?

I am also a fangirl.
Pining away for that long awaited kiss. Heck, an open confession of devotion would be nice, but as the author
has said, “This isn’t a kissing book”. So we are relegated
to beating around the bush, and hinting at feelings. sigh.

What’s your fandom, may I ask?

Ah, internet fandom. One of the few places angels rush in where I fear to tread… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is full of win and sanity. However, I do have an excuse.
At my school you don’t get people who like my fandoms, so I have to do the internets. All the weeaboos at Ave Maria are into Naruto and DeathNote and Big Serious Sagas, while I watch simple, silly anime like Azumanga Daioh and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and join video game fandoms instead.

Fandom - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. A DS game series. If in your internet travels you see pictures of a guy in a blue suit pointing and shouting “OBJECTION!”, that’s the source.
Am interested in the relationship between one of the leads and his mentor (not as a romance pairing, that’s just yuck). Because it’s “pleaser” son to cold substitute father, the people who are interested in them write/draw really cruel hardcore yaoi, and that’s about all that’s out there except for some slightly decent gen fanart. It’s certainly truer to the characters than a romance pairing would be, but I still have no desire to read about them getting it on.

It seems you have the opposite problem. ::Napoleon Dynamite voice:: Lucky. What’s your fandom? I can’t think of any stuff that‘s “not a kissing book”. Judging by that statement’s phrased, Eragon? It sounds like something Chris Paolini would say.

Er, no…looks around sheepishly…sigh.
I be one of the many and varied members of
the Golden Eyed Dog-Boy fanclub.

That would be InuYasha. (Gotta love the ears).
10 years we’ve been waiting for some kind of
resolution, both of the series and of the
relationships, and we’re still waiting.
10 years, I say! Madness…
Ah well, the longer the manga lasts, the more
we can hope, eh?

But if Takahashi doesn’t end this ‘properly’,
she’s gonna have a bunch of people, men and
women, ready to ‘osuwari’ her butt.

Inuyasha has no romance? I was under the impression that InuGome was a thing, at least by now.
How many volumes has this been going on? Fruits Basket gives the lead a romance sometime between volume 16 (where we are in America) and the end at 23. I dunno where. But it’s pretty far into the series.
At least you have fanfic. Good fanfic is nice to fill up the gaps between volumes with. I read so much Harry Potter fanfic before book 5 came out that I no longer wanted to read the actual book, lol. I’d found better prose stylists on the intarwebs.

“Osuwari”? I don’t speak otaku very well, lol.

Heh. Try 51 volumes and counting.
520+ chapters.

Yep, it’s got romance, of a sort. The kind of
’I like you, and I think you like me, but lets never
actually say so, or do anything about it’ kind of romance.

Of course, there was that near kiss, and IY’s protection declaration, but that’s about as strong as it’s gotten.
Yep, they are def a couple, just wish we had more focus on
the relationship.

Yes, we do have good fanfic, if you can get past the 13 year olds and their crying Kagome obsession. That and the overuse of
’osuwari’. Makes me crazy.

Osuwari=sit command for a dog


Which is why The Royal Otaku of Squee writes new stories.


This weeaboo has decided that to get someone else to let her have copies of a huge collection of fanart and doujin, she is going to write an English-language eight-page doujin in exchange. She can’t draw well, but is going to copy the living daylights out of the official art until she finally gets an idea of how to make the characters. And from there it goes to copying style. She’s going to probably hate it by the time it’s done, but it’s something she STUCK TO and finished, which she never does, :blush:.

Tangentially, if it turns out that all the fanart I haven’t seen in the collection is 18+ yaoi, I will not be happy about making all that effort. I guess I ought to be, because it’s a finished project, but the laborer is worth his hire. I already know that the doujin are 18+, but the non-pornographic pages of them are highly relevant to my interests. (I would be willing to sell my internal organs if the person who bought them would write/draw me KaruMitsu where the one of them isn’t raping the other.)

So you write fanfic? I’m guessing in Rurouni Kenshin by the name. It’s pretty popular with some of the weeaboo girls at my school, and I get the sense that even though it’s about samurai it’s a very girlie series (though not as slash-heavy as, say, Naruto, which tends to happen to girlie series about guys). Where do you post?

51 volumes?! Are they still good or does it seem like the
author doesn’t know where she’s going?
I watched a couple episodes of Inuyasha back when it came out in America, but I couldn’t get interested. Dunno what it was. I think I’m just not one for fantasy anime - I like school and “real world” shows better.

What, may I ask, is “crying Kagome”? It doesn’t sound like a 13-year-old thing. What makes it so? Emo 13-year-olds who write Inuyasha fic?
We all were thirteen once. But I wasn’t in a standard fandom when I was thirteen (11-14 I was addicted to soap operas… can’t say I’m proud of it), so I think I missed out. But in Potter fandom I was an obnoxious fourteen-year-old Snape fan, so that’s close enough.

Just clickie on linkie. :smiley:

It’s not RK—but I did a LOT of research before I posted the story. And to my horror, most of the better-written stuff was out-and-out porn.

There is good non-porn or non-yaoi out there. You have to kind of dig for it, though.

I post my sketches as well. Not claiming to be any great artist but I do have fun with them.

You write YYH? I watched the American version for a while. Rather liked it. My brother LOVED it.

It’s even better in Japanese. :slight_smile:

Yep, 51 volumes, and counting!
For a long while it was the same old same old.
Mainly about sword upgrades and the like.
No real plot development. Now though…
Man, things are happening!
Getting pretty close to the end, or so we speculate.
“Crying Kagome” refers to how many authors, most of
them in the 13 to 15 year old range, make her into a
complete and utter crybaby, 'osuwari’ing IY at every
turn. Makes me snarky. The whole point of fanfiction,
at least to me, is to put the characters in situations they
may not face in the manga/anime, and to grow them up
emotionally, to resolve their problems.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many wonderful authors out
there for IY, I have many on favorites.
Glad to find another manga/anime fan.

Lulz, bratty Kagome. From what little I saw of the show it seems like it would actually work pretty well. Glad it’s finally back to a story rather than a “let’s get the Five Chaos Emeralds” plotline. ^^
I’ve always seen FF as an extension of canon to fill in the gaps with, or as a good way to “branch off”. But I’m one of those obnoxious “That’s not canon!” people. And half the time I dunno what I’m talking about.
But sometimes, you gotta say “OBJECTION! That’s not even remotely canon!” for the more bizarre stuff. Therefore I’m the canon prosecutor.

Canon prosecutor… lolz.

Or a “canon lawyer” (though the non-Catholics don’t get it), or, since it’s the intarwebs, a “lolyer” or “attorney at lol”. I am totally an “attorney at lol”. I would rather be a “canon prosecutor”, though, since all the best characters in Phoenix Wright are prosecutors.

Compare with

Back to the point, I get picky about what could possibly work and what couldn’t, and I have a very high “This was posted on for a reason” sensitivity, having been there since the days before they had chapters and you had to submit stories one chapter at a time separately. Canon prosecution is where I’m at today because back in old fandom days (when I was doing Potter) committed myself to some fics with awful Mary Sue-age in the past and I refuse to let myself put up with ****.

Who else here is a total canon lawyer about characters?

A lot of the Sue-ers are kids, though. I always give kids a break. :wink:

Doesn’t mean I have to read ALL of them, though.

I just don’t read 'em. I was a Sue-er. Still am trying to break myself of the habit.

Hey… canon law… sue-er… but the sue-er would have to be on the defense, right?

Legalistically speaking… :rotfl:

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