Fans divided about Ellen DeGeneres as 'Idol' judge

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Ellen DeGeneres wants to represent the people on “American Idol,” but the people are split about the talk show host’s role as the Fox singing competition’s fourth judge.

I’m not sure if it’s good or not - I mean, she isn’t a music expert, but then these reality TV programmes seem to churn out pretty terrible pop (in my opinion) anyway, so maybe a 'normal person’s perspective could be good!

I actually like Ellen, and although I am not sure about what it is she will tell the contestants I am looking forward to seeing her. I wonder if see can be mean though.:slight_smile:

She lives in sin and doesn’t seem to care. Who cares if she does anything on TV. She needs to have a real conversion. Boy does she need prayer. Personally I don’t like her.

I think she’ll add some humor and wit to the show…I’m looking forward to watching her…

Considering that the other three judges are all music industry professionals in some capacity, I think it’s a good idea to have someone who can offer a different perspective. I am sure there will be those who say “she’s gay, so I don’t want her on the show.” However, Adam Lambert was arguably the most talented contestant the show has ever had, and he never made his sexuality an issue. I don’t suspect that Ellen will either. After all, it’s a ‘singing’ show.

I think she’s funny, and her one-liners and facial expressions will help make the show more entertaining, which, after all, is the purpose of the show–to entertain an audience.

There are three other judges who know music and the recording industry, so I really don’t think it’s necessary to add a fourth music expert. What Ellen Degeneres knows is stage presence and personality, which, IMO, are as important for a singer as actual musical talent.

As for lifestyle–well, those who use lifestyle as a monitor of fitness for television and theater will never watch television or go to the theater.

And it’s OK to hold these high standards. There are plenty of moral options in entertainment. Most of these options are local entertainment and entertainers, and there’s certainly nothing with that. I myself enjoy attending local production of theater, various musical groups, etc. where I know the people involved and know that their lives are exemplary.

I think it’s kind of funny that people are upset because Ellen isn’t a music professional. That point of view assumes that American Idol is all about singing and music. :smiley:

AI is about (1) being an entertaining, money-making TV show; and (2) possibly finding money-making pop singers.

Ellen will certainly bring more humor to the show, which contributes significantly to objective #1. And I can’t see her presence hurting objective #2. Her vote alone won’t send mediocre people through to the finals. Based on past precedent, the AI judges don’t need any help in that regard anyway. :wink: There are always mediocre people that make it through to the finals.

I know she’s gay and (of course) I don’t approve of her personal lifestyle, but I have always been impressed that she doesn’t use her talk show as a soapbox for the GLBT movement. Her humor is largely clean compared to many others that are out there (at least from what little I’ve seen of her). If I boycotted her, I’d basically have to pitch my DVD collection because there are a lot of people in Hollywood living sinful lifestyles. :shrug:

What happened to Paula? I’m out of the loop.

The judge she is replacing was seldom mean anyway. :slight_smile: I can’t imagine Ellen’s comments being any less relevant that Paula’s. :wink:

Look on the bright side, they could have gotten Rosy O’Donnell. Poor Ellen has always wanted to be song and dance person, for proof just watch her show. She won’t get along with Simon, but will be clever enough to put him in his place with her wit. With her addition I might actually tune in from time to time…Nah!

I know but Paula’s niceness (is that a word?) is what I think got her uninvited to do this season. I am not sure if I can see Ellen being any meaner than her, she just oozes nice.:slight_smile:

Really? I think the show needs a nice judge to balance out Simon! :slight_smile: I always thought that was Paula’s role.

Though I thoroughly disapprove of her lifestyle, I find that Ellen’s comedy is actually about the cleanest out there, and I actually don’t mind watching her (I never watch TV talk shows, so have only rarely seen hers.)

I think she will bring something refreshing to AI; Paula was nice, but completely loopy, to the point that I always wondered what kind of drink or drug she was using. She was often painful to watch. Ellen will likely be kind, self-deprecating, and bring her off-the-wall humor, which I enjoy. She is also sharper than Paula (who, I think really shot herself in both feet by leaving; who knows what kind of ploy that was.)

I like Ellen, she’s not an activist, she’s just living her life and making the choices that she is free to make in this country. She’s not advocating anything different for anyone else either. I remember when she had John McCain on before the election and she was very respectful of the fact that they have a difference of opinion on gay marriage and was still pleasant and they had a good conversation.

It’s my understanding that Paula didn’t leave. My understanding was the producers refused to renew her contract. In other words she was fired.

Here it is from CNN.

Abdul’s new manager, David Sonenberg, was quoted by the Los Angeles Times last month saying "Very sadly, it does not appear that she’s going to be back on ‘Idol.’ "
Sonenberg told the newspaper it was “unnecessarily hurtful” to Abdul that they have not received “any proposal whatsoever” from producers even though the judges will start auditioning contestants for the next season on August 6.

She said once her primary comedic influence was Bob Newhart.

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