Fantastic video on the growth of a baby in the womb! MUST SEE

Here you go…

God bless

Wow, that’s amazing and really interesting! Thank you for posting! :thumbsup:

Wow!! This shows the miracle of human life-thank you for showing this. Hope it is okay to share this on facebook.:thumbsup:


Thanks for sharing!


Share away… :slight_smile: I found the link to this video on twitter and was so in awe of God´s creation.

And you´re welcome to all who enjoyed the video. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Make sure to watch the full-length version of this video where the description of it is.

God bless

Thanks for posting this! I was neat to watch while my own unborn child is moving so vigorously my belly is shifting side to side!!!


You´re welcome. :slight_smile: Congrats on your soon to be born little one!!! Have you come up with a name for the baby yet?

God bless

We’re settled on William, after his grandfather and great-great grandfather! :heart:

I think there are also some St. Williams.

William is a lovely name… :slight_smile: I will keep you and your baby in my prayer intentions.

God bless

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