Farewell Oddball


Oddball the maremma sheepdog passed away yesterday in Australia. He singlehandedly reinvigorated an entire breeding program of endangered penguins by protecting them day and night. He was specifically trained for the program and has spawned a few more programs like his around the world. Perhaps you saw the Oddball movie based on his endeavours.

Farewell Oddball. Thank you for your service. :bighanky:


Good dog, now in St. Francis’s embrace.


Oddball the Maremma Sheepdog and penguin protector dies


ODDBALL — the canine that inspired a movie after proving Maremma Sheepdogs could be used to protect a Victorian penguin colony from foxes — has died.

Totally gorgeous pupper! :slight_smile: Thanks for alerting me to this story Grace, which I was unaware of. The above link has some photos, and also a film trailer for a cute-looking kids movie.

“Ya want the biscuit, ya gotta risk it.”


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