Farm life in rural Midwest


I have a nice two-story farmhouse in the rural Midwest that has been occupied until recently. It is large enough for one or two adults or a family of three. I would be willing to offer the place possibly rent free in exchange for house and yard maintenance. Ideally, the new tenant(s) would be devoutly Catholic and would love vegetable and flower gardening and rural life in general, as it is about 50 miles to the nearest metropolitan area. My question is how would I go about finding the ideal tenant(s)? Where should I advertise or whom should I contact to locate prospective renters? Would it be helpful to get in touch with my local diocesan office? Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might offer.


A word of warning here: be sure to check with a lawyer because if you deny rental to people who aren’t Catholic, much less devoutly Catholic, you could be accused of discrimination.


I second talking to a lawyer as far as all the legal aspects of renting property and maybe since you are not actually renting it (exchange of services might not be considered renting) there would be different options.

But, what I would do is use word-of-mouth through the local parish and neighboring parishes.


I would ask around in a Catholic homeschooling group.


Go to the local Parish and ask Father if he knows of someone…


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