Farmers Received $22 Billion In Subsidies In 2019 – Here’s Why Some Economists Are Concerned

I admit my ignorance of farming legislation in general but I am concerned that many corporate farms game a system that was designed to help the private farmer. It’s an area that I think needs to be scrutinized very closely to be sure we are helping those that need the help and not just an additional profit source to those that don’t. His point on the coalition between SNAP and tariff breaking down and the implied, but not stated, benefit to Trump supporters (tariff compensation) vs the poor (mostly Dems)?
To those interested, it’s only eight minutes and very interesting!


Agricultural subsidies appear to be on a downtrend, with a blip upward in 2019.

I do not particularly favor many of the subsidies, though I guess I do have to have at least a little concern about some of the crops that would not be grown here at all but for subsidies. And too, I would not be able to really say much about them without also knowing the degree to which America’s competitors subsidize their crops for international sale.

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Did you listen to the interview? If factual…and the 2019 blip seems to say yes, then I have a bit of a problem with so much going to soybean farmers to compensate for Trumps tariff on soybeans. In trying to punish China he really hurt US soybean producers who then get large compensations to offset the tariffs. Maybe that was a good move but it sounds like he was just buying his votes back? Or, was it a necessary payout? I wish I was better versed in farm subsidies to begin with!


Not much in the way of facts in the NPR interview; quite a lot in the way of liberal policy promotion, like imposing environmental ideas on farmers and increasing welfare benefits. It’s very difficult to find how much was actually paid out and for what. I see, for instance, that a lot was paid out in 2019 under the crop insurance program due to flooding.

I also see that the 2019 subsidies were far outweighed by some previous years. 2019 was higher than the last few years, but smaller than earlier in the 2000s.

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