Farmers tortured and killed in South Africa

Will SA go the same way as Zimbabwe.

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It already has.

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Its been like that for a very long time. We have quite a few Rhodesian refugees here.

Bookmark, there are unconfirmed reports some suspects have been arrested in one of the murders, that of Brendin Horner. This article says nothing about suspects but it does discuss Horner.

No doubt the people being killed are innocent, but could it be that whites are being targeted because of past grievances. Murder, torture and taking land without compensation doesn’t seem like a fair way to solve the problem of past colonialism. Could something like this happen elsewhere?

You can’t excuse torture and such but South Africa just plainly has a big crime problem, probably a high murder rate. I listened to a reggae singer, Lucky Dub, he was from there, drove a fancy car and was murdered. So, I think a big part of the problem is an existing crime problem that affects many.

Just for the record, if one is curious on South Africa, I follow a few folks on twitter over this just like I am able to follow a few others on other areas of the world, say Venezuela. If one reads enough, possibly, one can obtain an understanding of what is going on.


And SA is already in a death spiral. I still have relatives there. I’ve been trying to convince them to get out but it it’s difficult. In addition to the hardship of abandoning ones home, it’s legally and economically difficult.

Will Australia take them? Or Algeria or the Netherlands?

It’s not immigration that’s so difficult. It’s emigration. It costs roughly $25k US to emigrate from SA. That’s not even counting what it costs to immigrate into another country. Or the cost of moving belongings, career sacrifices, etc.

A huge crime rate - I date someone form there at one point - she mentioned that when she travelled by car on her own she kept a shot gun handy in some areas and a load .357 in the glove compartment. This was a very feminine ladylike girl who was in real life very quiet and shy but at that point several people I was was working with were from there and all the girls said if travelling in a car on their own they carried weapons and tried to avoid car trips if at all possible to certain areas on their own. My friend was training to be a lawyer back home so unfortunately she couldn’t always avoid rough neighbourhoods.

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The present black population of South Africa arrived in about 1820 as the result of a southern migration. The dutch had been there already since 1653.

So Australia or the Netherlands would let them in?

Whereas the Dutch were native to the area were they?

I deplore the stupidity of killing farmers but the settlers didn’t just jog on over without doing the thing colonists often do themselves. It doesn’t justify at this latter date killing people but there is a rather myth laden version of S.African history where the presence of black people in the area that were there already is minimized or downplayed.

This article tells a different story.

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Most of the erstwhile histories of SA state the same facts, but interpret them differently. There is no question, for instance, that the original inhabitants of much of SA were displaced by newcomers, both black and white. Some areas into which whites (or blacks) moved were lightly populated. Some were not.

In modern retellings, the only “colonists” who are condemned as not belonging there are the whites, and the black tribes are considered one “people”, which they were not. But that’s the history of colonialism as written today. Tomorrow it might be different depending on the politics of the book writers.

Of course not, here we agree, the black populations of the various countries of regions and states of S.Africa (and the whole of Africa for that matter) have plenty of internal beefs of their own and those were there long before Europeans were present in a major way in Africa.

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What is the best way to solve this problem? If I were a white farmer there, i would consider selling off all my property and relocating to Australia or the Netherlands.

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