Are there any other fans here? It’s my favorite show ever, and I’d love to discuss it with a new group of people, who may have a perspective I haven’t heard before :thumbsup:

My husband and I love it so much that we bought the whole series on DVD. :thumbsup:

So what’s your favorite ep? My husband’s is “Out Of Their Minds”. Mine’s probably “Kansas” or the “We’re So Screwed” trilogy.

My husband and I bought the Starburst editions of all 4 seasons for ourselves, and for my mother, who is also a huge fan (we’re in Europe, with a region-free player, and the exchange rate made the Amazon prices unbelievably reasonable).

Favorite episode is difficult…there are so many! Mental As Anything is my least favorite though, easily. What were they thinking?

Out of Their Minds is my husband’s favorite too! I love it as well, it’s my favorite “funny” episode. DH and I like to randomly and grandly announce, “I just peed in the maintenance bay!” :smiley: All of the actors did such a phenominal job imitating each other.

Kansas was just…wow. I actually fell off the bed (I was sitting on the edge anyway, but still :wink: at the Karen Shaw revelation - what a masterstroke. And I thought they had had their best idea with the two Johns. We had to rewind to watch the scene again, because I was too busy clapping, and missed the meaningful lyrics of the song on the radio. Beautiful closure to such a subtlely played storyline. DH had seen the series before me, with friends, but completely missed the fact that Chiana had been raped, and thought she was just acting “weird” in season 4 :shrug: I pointed out everything throughout the episodes, and he feels badly it went over his head. Poor Chi.

I also like the WSS trilogy a lot, but am partial to Liars, Guns and Money as far as the 3 parters go. Nerve/Hidden Memory are very very high on my list, Deadalus/Icarus of course…and Meltdown is fantastic! Scratch N Sniff I both love and hate. Eat Me and Natural Election are full of creepy goodness and terrific character moments. Losing Time is trippy, The Choice is heartbreaking…and I have a passionate love I can’t quite explain for Crichton Kicks.

When I think of favorite episodes, I usually find myself remembering favorite little moments here and there. Like the intense scene between John and Sikozu in Constellation of Doubt, when he’s questioning her about Katratzi. Such perfect, heartbreaking acting and emotion from the both of them. Or the hug between Zhaan and Chiana in Wait for the Wheel. Or the wonderful deleted scene for Natural Election between Aeryn and Chiana. I enjoy rewatching the dvds, each time paying attention to a different character’s facial expression, or reaction - it’s so layered and beautiful and sad. I think because it feels character driven, and not plot driven. You really, really care what they’re going through, and every moment seems authentic.

I love the dynamics, and how they avoided the stereotypical good girl/bad girl routine with Aeryn and Chiana (and avoided a love triangle, while retaining such a deep friendship and chemistry between Chiana and John…but John & Aeryn are meant to be, and Chiana understands and respects that). I also love the gender issues and reversals they played with, it’s so unlike any other sci-fi I’ve seen. John could be Kirk, but he’s not. He’s the hero, smart, kind, and good, but he’s also a bit of a drama queen spazz. And Aeryn is the strong, steady commanding one; D’Argo just wants to live a quiet family life, while Chiana is the “playboy” (though oddly the most innocent of them all, in a lot of ways).

DH’s favorite characters are Aeryn and Rygel, I have John and Chiana tied for 1st place with Aeryn coming in a very close 2nd. And my mother loves Aeryn and Chi and Stark. None of us like D’Argo very much and think Pilot rocks, even when he’s being all passive-aggressive :smiley:

Have you heard about the possible webisodes sci-fi is making? They’re supposed to be 3 minutes each, for a total of 30. Yet they’re rebuilding sets and puppets, which seems like quite an investment. We’re hoping they’re bringing it back for real :slight_smile:

Farscape is pretty good, but Firefly is awesome! :thumbsup:

We haven’t gotten to Firefly yet, but have heard a lot of good things about it :thumbsup:

Farscape was an aquired taste for me - I admit, I hated it at first. I was mad at DH for inflicting it on me, but I love him, and he kept promising I’d like it, so I’d puzzle or read while it was on, and make snarky comments now and then. Early season 1 is painful at times. It took until Durka Returns, halfway through season 1 for me to perk up and pay attention, and Nerve/Hidden Memory before I said, 'woah, this is pretty good.

The Way We Weren’t in season 2 convinced me it was going to be an all-time favorite show, but it wasn’t until Icarus Abides, mid-way through season 3, that I knew it had ruined me for all other television, and bumped my previous faves totally off my radar (I used to be a fanatical X-Phile). And then it just continued to get better and better, and is still improving, with rewatches (TWoP is having an Official Rewatch…we’re up to A Human Reaction if anyone wants to join in).

I’ve never watched a show this layered and intricate before, never felt like I really knew the characters, never had tv characters inspire such deep emotions. I love that there’s a vibrant online community of fans, and most of all, I love that the two people who are most important to me, my husband and my mother, also share the passion.

I think there are similarities between the characters of both Farscape and Firefly. Both are a group of generally good characters that often find themselves in dubious conditions, and the dubious conditions are required to be encountered as a fact of their lives. Both have multi-layered characters that are far more than the superficial mono-dimentionals characters on so many TV shows.

Firefly, to me, is more enjoyabe to watch because I feel it is more grounded in some realistic future (basically it looks to the future 500 from now, after the earth is used, looks at the dominant current cultures [American + Chinese] and injects them into something we can believe). Farscape, with strange alien characters is a great sci-fi show, but seems harder to beieve due to the mis-matched species that are all thrown together onto the one ship.

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