Farthers and Daughters


Is it wrong for A father to sleep in same room with adult Daughter


Ages? Situation? You need to elaborate.


My boyfriend of 6 years who is 60 , his son is getting married and I was not included by the dad , he will be going with his 30 year old married daughter and share same hotel room and all the family events.


I imagine that, depending on the situation, it could be a problem, but frankly, I cannot see that being the case for most. If I was travelling with my mom and – for some reason – my wife and my dad were not there, I wouldn’t think twice about sharing a hotel room with my mom. :shrug: I’d definitely want two beds, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


When my DMIL and DFIL were no longer capable of driving back and forth to their home in FL, my DH would drive them down and back and fly there or home. When my DFIL passed away, my DH continued to drive his DM, and they routinely shared a hotel room en route.

It never occurred to any of us to question the propriety of the arrangement.


No, as long as he doesn’t snore like mine did! :mad:


There is no moral issue here. I think that your real issue is that you are being excluded from the family wedding. This is something that you should discuss with him. Ask him why, after six years of dating, you are not included in family events. Perhaps, also, ask why, after six years of dating, you are not married.


I don’t have a relationship with my father and probably wouldn’t share anything with him. My step dad raised me and I wouldn’t think twice about sharing a hotel room with him.

Heck, my family always go on Christmas vacation together. There are about 20 of us in one beach house and I’ve shared a room with cousins, male and female. Its family. :shrug:


No problem at all. It would be a problem if you shared a room with him, however.


Why would it be? Two years ago, I took my father to a place where he and my mother used to go golfing all the time, and we stayed overnight in the same hotel room. The only problem we had is that he commandeered the remote control. :mad:


I agree.


Good catch!


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