Fascist bishops and Catholic media

I recently read that the USCCB had tried to “take over” EWTN by claiming that, if the sisters owned the network, than the church ultimately had authority over its content and operation. As the story goes, Mother Angelica was encouraged to resign and give over the reigns to a lay board to prevent a bishop take over.

Does anyone know if this is true or conspiracy theorist fiction?

Also, regarding EWTN and Immaculate Heart Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area… Another thread on this forum claimed that the Bay Area bishops spent years blocking EWTN and and other orthodox Catholic radio outlets from setting up shop.

I have two questions:

  1. Has this been documented?
  2. How exactly can bishops effectively “block” any privately owned radio station from broadcasting?

If these stories I’ve heard are true, then it seems that the U.S. Bishops’ concept of the First Amendment and free enterprise may be a little… lacking.

I hope that the stories I’ve heard about USCCB Catholic media censorship have been greatly exaggerated. :shrug:

They can’t in any manner that any other U.S. citizen could not also employ (petition their legislators or the FCC not to grant a license or to revoke license previously granted, with reasons as to why this station would be contrary to the public interest, etc.)

I think “conspiracy” and “fascism” is a bit too much, but perhaps a little jurisdiction dispute here. As you probably know, most if not all dioceses have communication departments who often broadcast masses and other Catholic programs as a public service on cable TV and public service radio and TV time. Masses have been broadcast since the 20s over the airwaves, EWTN is a new kid on the block.

Read Raymond Arroyo’s bio book of Mother. The whole situation is explained in detail.

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