I was watching a Fashion Show, I looked at the judges and at one point I realized that this is the people who basically decide how society dress. What is ‘proper’ or not proper, they define new fashions and somehow implement them.
Then we find ouselves buying the products and that’s how we end up in Mass for example with people half dressed.

On the other side. I have recently learned that worship concerns how we live. That is the way we dress, our fashions and preferrances are all part of our worship and are witness to the God we worship. ( A review of the explanation of the First commandment in the CCC or other guide for good confession can explain more).

So considering all this. I thought. Shouldn’t we have a sort of catholic fashion judges too. I mean, as Catholic, having a particularly unique faith and having a great vocation to witnessing to people in the Church first, then our separated brethen, then… you get the idea; should’t we have some kind of Fashion proposals? I think it would be really interestign and this can be a great mission of vocation for some ‘fashion’ oriented people.

So we can put meaning in the way we dress, we can learn, live, and preach Theology of the Body in the way we dress. Dress gracefully and beautifully…

What is your though? It just occured to me that we are often conforming ourselves to this world and forget that we are called to be the light of this World.


I’d be all for a church-approved fashion guide or something. It’d be kind of fun. (Now I’m thinking of Catholic fashion shows, and nuns stalking down a catwalk…lol.) But in all seriousness, I think you are on to something, and I think the problem of worshiping and living in tasteless clothes is something that our church would do well to speak a little more on. I know they have other things to deal with, but it’s one of those everyday concerns that are really make-or-breaks when it comes to souls.


I don’t think it requires ‘religious’ like nuns and priests necessarly.
Just like it doesn’t require them to explain Theology of the Body.

I just think we need to live and celebrate our culture of life more publicly and boldly. Otherwise it still seem to some as if we only talk about things.

We need to notice that there is always meaning and messages transmitted by our dressing, our dancing, etc… the pop culture knows it. Just watch those pop shows. Why are we shy about expressing our belief in our day to day fashions. We don’t have to dogmatize. Just develop a culture of life.

For example, a well dressed woman can be more convincing while talking about the dignity of the human person than when she is dressed in a way which actually distract people and direct them to her body instead of her face and her message.

God bless


I think you’re right.

There’s nothing wrong with looking contemporary SO LONG AS you look decent while you’re at it.


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