Fast food and other minimum-wage workers protest in major cities over pay


US employees making minimum wage are protesting today in Philadelphia, Oakland, Minneapolis and other American cities.

Workers chanted things like “Low pay is not OK” outside fast-food restaurants, attracting support. Home care workers stood alongside fast-food workers marching outside McDonald’s locations as the groups unite to fight for higher wages.

Federal workers are striking in Washington DC, demanding that President Obama encourage federal buildings to set a $15 minimum wage, improve benefits and give them collective bargaining rights.


In other news, Amazon has deployed 10,000 robots in their warehouses to accelerate package deliveries. My understanding is that these robots cost less than the minimum wage to operate, never protest or complain, and don’t require health insurance.

The real solution to making a higher wage is to get skills that make you a more valuable employee. Raising the minimum wage without raising productivity will drive more companies to automation, eliminating low wage positions.


Headline should read" Unions pay people to protest Fast Food wages"


**Those workers make 7.50 an hour. That’s fit for a teenager looking for pocket money. It is not appropriate for anyone older. They have families to feed, parents to look after, all kinds of troubles that real adults have. Try paying monthly rent on 7.50/hour. 15.15 should be the minimum wage. And even that will get you only 25,000 a year, still in poverty level.

I wrote to those workers on Black Friday that I would have joined their protest here in New Mexico, again a very impoverished state. Except I’m too sick to. I made a donation instead. These people need relief, and they need it now. They cannot afford to pay the tuition at a two year college to learn good skills. Even two year college is out of their range. It sucks.:mad:**


Of course if it is proven that they indeed can not afford college financial aid is possible.


Would be nice if it could happen, but are you willing or able to pay double on groceries or at McDonalds? Even if employers could do it without raising prices, it would cut into their profits so it wouldn’t happen.

Also, if minimum wage doubled it would be coming nearer to my hourly wage. What would that mean for me? Is mine going to double too or do I now make the same amount of money as before even though everything is all of a sudden more expensive?

Seems to be a no win situation. This will continue to be a problem until executive managements are willing to admit that over the last 20 or 30 years their salaries have reached levels of an astronomically higher percentage hsitorically, in comparison to profits, over those working below them.


Do you have a source or evidence supporting this allegation?




They’re being led right out of their jobs




The CEO of Walmart made $11.5M in 2014 to manage a company that generated $476B in 2014 sales and employs 2M people. Contrast that with Tom Cruise who got paid $35M (his going rate) to star in “Edge of Tomorrow”, a movie that probably lost money (a movie needs to make twice its production and advertising costs to break even). Why does everybody get the knickers all knotted up over the what the CEO of Walmart makes, but gives a pass to Tom Cruise who makes a heck of a lot more money for doing a heck of a lot less work?


I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but:

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Shouldn’t *remaking *once *its production and advertising costs *be the very *definition *of “breaking even”???



I think it is plain dumb that Tom Cruise (or any other ‘star’) would make three times more for one one movie then the CEO of Walmart does in one year. :stuck_out_tongue: :confused: :shrug:


Not to worry. Obama has just added another 5 million people to the numbers seeking employment. Well, and that’s probably not more than half the people working with fake ID that the government won’t deport. And, of course, the government has imported thousands of Somali “refugees” (and who, in Somalia, isn’t a refugee from somebody?) as well as others of questionable good will, to compete as well.

Got to keep those wages low, and most important of all, got to keep touting a higher minimum wage while doing everything possible to keep them down.

No offense, but we Americans are such fools.


No, because the theatres get half the gross, so a movie needs to gross double its production and advertising costs before it shows a profit. So if a movie cost $100M to make and has a $50M advertising budget, it needs to gross $300M to break even.


I doubt that prices would double. Where I live, McDonald’s had a notice that they were hiring workers. They advertised $11.00 per hour for workers and $12.00 per hour for managers.

I assume that they just can’t find people if the pay is lower than that.

People say they should get trained for a real job, but then who is going to flip hamburgers?


I believe you nailed it, ucfengr.:thumbsup: Minimum wage could be fifty bucks an hour, but if robots have 90% of these sorts of jobs then who cares? And it’s an absolute given that in the very near future this is going to be precisely the case. My best guess is that the US will pass some kind of federal minimum wage just as this begins to be reality.:confused: Do we perhaps have any CAF roboticists present? I was a checker for Safeway and another big grocery chain when I was a kid, and I’ve seen what automatic check out lanes have done to union workers. Robots flipping burgers is only the tiniest of tiniest steps away from that….


Considering the quality of service and number of times my orders have been wrong, there are many of them being over paid as it is. Let them go to a tip system, maybe their ability to make orders correctly will improve.


I’m just stating the fact that in comparison to profits executives in the same company make far more money than those below them than in times past. I’m not sure how you could defend an executive making 73618% more in a year than a full time worker on the bottom.

Hollywood is another story; I don’t see how the pay of Tom Cruise is related to the CEO of Walmart paying his employees minimum wage. Of course Tom Cruise is overpaid too but I’m sure whoever works for him is handsomely paid.

If wages at McDonald’s double then it’s safe to assume prices will go up. The odd store paying more here and there might not make much of a difference, but you can bet if wages were doubled across the board it would sure have an effect on the price. In Fort Mcmurray, Alberta I’ve heard fast food workers make closer to $20 an hour and food is more expensive there.


What is there to defend? The company is owned by the shareholders, its their capital, their money to spend how they feel best. If in their judgment the CEO brings that much value to the company compared to a full time worker on the bottom, then so be it. CEO’s also operate in a supply and demand economy. How much does it cost to get a good CEO? How much does it cost to get that full time worker at the bottom. It is not comparable. Those that complain about certain executive pay appear to be complaining out of envy.

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