Fast for Communion at TLM

In a recent thread on whether Traditional Parishes attract converts a statement was made that TLM participants fast from midnight or at minimum 3 hours. It had to do with some concern about holding the TLM later in the day rather than earlier. Is this a matter of personal preference or a matter of current discipline for those attending a TLM and receiving the Eucharist?

Same as the rest of the Church.

TLM still falls under the new code of Canon Law.

The fast is 1 hour… but 1 hour is hardly a fast.

It is a matter of personal preference as this is spelled out in Canon Law and there is only one Code of Canons for the Latin Church.

Can. 919 §1 Whoever is to receive the blessed Eucharist is to abstain for at least one hour before holy communion from all food and drink, with the sole exception of water and medicine.

§2§3 The elderly and those who are suffering from some illness, as well as those who] care for them, may receive the blessed Eucharist even if within the preceding hour they have consumed something.

So a Latin Catholic is only required to abstain for at least one hour. That is not to say that doing more is not good but it is up to the individual and their spiritual director/confessor.

If you notice, Canon Law does not call it a fast. It says that the person needs to abstain for an hour.

The fast for the TLM is the same for the Novus Ordo. We are told that by our pastor.

We are told that to fast for three hours prior to Communion is commendable though- and from midnight is “highly commendable.”

The same goes for Lent- we must fast only on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. To keep the old discipline and fast every day is an option and is “highly commendable”.


Catholics are to observe the fast for the Ritual Church they belong to, regardless of which Ritual Church they are attending the Mass/Divine Liturgy in. Now there’s a reason to separate the TLM folks off into their own separate Ritual Church. The fast could be set at three hours or from midnight for TLM Rite Catholics. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be enforcable on non-TLM Rite Catholics.

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