'Fastest Nun in the West' on path for sainthood


Cool! Thanks for posting this. I was taught by the Cincinnati Sisters of Charity at St. Mary’s in Albuquerque. Lovely order. Very fine education. Wonderful news! I’ll have to ask my sisters if there are more articles in the local papers there regarding this. I remember their convent had a Sr. Blandina’s garden. Now I know who she was!

I too, was taught by the Sisters of Charity in Colorado and can remember each of them by name. Their kind but relentless efforts in forming our minds from mush to something more substantial will always be appreciated by me. I can still hear the words of Sr. Mary Tarcisius as she gently chided the boys to tuck in their shirts and tie their shoe laces - “the outward appearance is indicative of the inward disposition.”

I still cling to this rule today! :thumbsup:

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