Fasting and Bread

That’s it. I’m not going to allow myself to eat bread during a fast ever again. Every singe time I eat bread during my rare attempts at fasting I end up eating regular food. No more. I’d rather go a little bit hungry and continue to fast. Does anyone else have this issue?

With anything that tastes good, it can break down your willpower when fasting… a good idea when fasting, if you need to eat something, is to eat something you don’t like. Green beans, for example, aren’t my favorite food. They don’t make me gag though, so they would be a good food for me to eat while fasting.

Good idea! I was really hoping I could fast at least until the evening. Lesson learned. Eat something that doesn’t taste good. Thanks for that recommendation. I look forward to my next attempt at fasting. I am grateful that I had time to pray today during my fast.

I’m a little confused. Are you under the impression that it is okay to eat bread whenever you want during a required fast such as Good Friday? That would be incorrect. A Catholic fast requires that we eat nothing, except only one full meal and two smaller meals that do not add up to a full meal (nothing else should be eaten that day). However, if you have medical reasons for not fasting then you are free to not fast or just do what you can. Maybe you are talking about your own personal fasts though (in which case you can just do what you want) or maybe you are from a different rite than me. Anyways, I just wanted to clear that up. I personally, only fast when required and do not fast outside of that due to my health.

Here’s why. Bread is a carbohydrate, and it is the type that converts quickly to blood sugar. It causes nearly the same blood sugar spike as a candy bar. Blood sugar spikes are followed in as little as 2 hours by blood sugar crashes which make one feel very hungry. If you had a light protein snack instead of bread, you could sail through the day. When I stopped eating bread and potatoes I went from needing lunch by 11AM to not even wanting lunch until 2PM and not needing it until 5PM.

Deus tecum, you make a very good, and important, point. Carbs are the reason it is difficult to fast (and diet).:banghead:

Bible bread is different than today’s bread there is a guy who makes Bible bread specifically for fasting so you don’t get hungry.

But isn’t being hungry the point of fasting?

Yes and you do still get hungry with this guy’s Bible bread perhaps I should have said the bread isn’t made with preservatives and other things that are designed to make you want more food.

I usually find eating dry bread as harder than not eating anything.

How nice is some tomato soup with your bread when the fast is over? :slight_smile:

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